Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scotty McCreery has a bright future as a country artist

ACM New Artist of the Year Nominee, Scotty McCreery starts the evening off with a strong set. While this is his first country music tour, he is already off to a great start and has a bright future ahead of him as a country artist. wub.gif McCreery works the entire stage and engages with the fans. His already seasoned voice fills the venue as he performs “Water Tower Town”, “Dirty Dishes”, Gold Certified Single “I Love You This Big”, “The Trouble With Girls” and many more. Scotty’s opening number sets the tone for a fun, memorable evening that is ahead. thumbsup.gif

Scotty McCreery in Texas tonight

Scotty & his band playing a little basketball in Lubbock, TX
Credit to: @xoKaylaDawnxo

Help Scotty McCreery & his boys on twitter tonight

If you have an account on twitter you can join Scotty & his boys from Garner at 7:00 pm tonight in trending: "Amile Jefferson go to NCSU"
10m Alrighty, tonight at 7 me and the boys are gonna try n trend "Amile Jefferson go to NCSU" .. If yall wanna help maybe a TP soon if it works!
And even if it dont work, i still wanna talk to yall n catch up!

Colin Perry @Colin_Perry McCreerian's: tonight around 7pm we're trending "Amile Jefferson go to NCSU" let's get it done! We need yall's help though!