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Scotty McCreery is a Brad Paisley Fan

Scotty McCreery Is A Big Brad Paisley Fan
By: Joe Bob | 3 hours ago

It’s fun to watch new artists make their way through the twists and turns of the country music business. Let’s face it… some of them get there (wherever ‘there’ is) and some of them don’t. I will say this, it seems like the “American Idol” alumni have a little bit of a head start on everyone else.
Scotty McCreery is headed straight for country music superstardom! The singer, whose debut album Clear As Day was certified Platinum in only three months, just got word that his current single “The Trouble With Girls” has been certified Gold for selling over 500,000 copies, according to CMT Daily Roundup. Not only is he selling singles and records like crazy, he’s also opening on one of country’s hottest tours – Brad Paisley’s 2012 Virtual Reality Tour. Scotty says he’s still blown away by the show’s amazing production. (Cut #7) “They’ve got a lot of cool stuff at their show. I am the guy on the side stage watching with a big grin on his face. You know I can’t get over how fast Brad Paisley moves his fingers on that guitar.” As if being tour mates and buddies with Brad weren’t enough, Scotty just received another great bit of news. He’s up for the Academy of Country Music’s New Artist of the Year award, along with Hunter Hayes and Brantley Gilbert.

You can hear Scotty McCreery, Brad Paisley, Hunter Hayes, and Brantley Gilbert every day on KIXS 108.

Top Country Song Reviews Scotty McCreery's TTWG

The Trouble With Girls Is Just What Scotty McCreery Was Looking For

Scotty McCreery - Trouble With Girls

Most country music and American Idol fans have been pleasently surprised with the single from Scotty McCreery labeled, “The Trouble With Girls.” Not only does the song have a great beat for the listener to dance to, but the words are meaningful and something that most individuals can relate to, which is vital for music to have in order to be popular and gain listeners.

Scotty McCreery sings about “The Trouble With Girls“ in the video and he shares his story of how he basically loves girls and cannot stand being around them. The title is perfect for the song because it almost makes you laugh because he is saying that the only trouble with girls is that he loves them so much and cannot help but love them.

Most country fans really enjoy the song, not only because it makes them think and laugh, but because Scotty McCreery has an amazing voice. He did not win American Idol just because of a crowd of screaming girls cheering him on, but because he proved that he could sing, even in his young age. He truly does have a nice soothing voice that sounds well above the age that he actually is. wub.gif

The next time that you are looking for a fun, entertaining and very clean song to listen to, turn on Scotty McCreery and listen to him vocalize about his trouble with girls and it will be sure to raise your spirits. The style of music and vocals and lyrics is right down the crountry crooners alley, and is probably a good indicator of the type of music you can expect to hear from the North Carolina native.

It seems that the Academy of Country Music has not missed out on the popularity of Scotty. He is up for the the Country Music’s Best New Artist Award and looks to be a frontrunner to win the contest.

Scotty McCreery's interview with NBC 17 at Hoops4Hopes

This is a great interview with new questions!

Scotty McCreery Weighs in on ACM Nomination

Scotty McCreery Weighs In on ACM Nom
"It means the world to me."
Ken Tucker | Published: Feb 13, 2012
Sure, Scotty McCreery won American Idol last year, and yes, his debut album has been certified platinum for sales of 1 million copies, but his recent nomination for Academy of Country Music New Artist of the Year is a highlight for the Garner, N.C., native. Hunter Hayes and Brantley Gilbert are also up for the award.

"It’s right up there," Scotty tells "It’s been a wild year. Things have been happening one right after the other. It’s good to be recognized for all the hard work. It means the world to me and I’m just honored and humbled to be a part of it."

Interestingly, Scotty says he found out about the nomination on Twitter. "I was logging on like I do every day and my fans were saying 'congrats!' My manager sent me an e-mail, but I saw it on Twitter before my e-mail."

Voting for New Artist of the Year will take place at beginning March 19 at 12 noon ET and will continue until 8 p.m. ET on April 1.

Leading up to the ACM Awards, fans can watch interviews with and exclusive performances by the three nominees on GAC’s ACM New Artist of the Year special, premiering March 19 at 9 p.m. ET and re-airing multiple times until voting closes on April 1.

The winner of the New Artist of the Year category will be awarded on the 47th Annual ACM Awards broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on April 1 at 8 p.m. live ET/delayed PT on CBS.

Scotty McCreery - Sales numbers with 31% reporting

With only 31% of sales being reported this is where Scotty's numbers are for week 19! We'll get final numbers tomorrow.

30 25 SCOTTY MCCREERY MERC NASH/19/INTERSCOPE 6,153 #7 country so far

total to date 913,607k as of week 18

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