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Scotty McCreery Photos from solo concert

Chelsey Ann @chelsann226 Was at Scotty's solo concert in Lancaster, CA and has given me permission to post her photos on the site, for other Scotty fans to enjoy. We just ask that if you choose to share these pictures on your own personal page or account (FB, web, Twitter...) that you please give her credit for the pictures. Thank you Chelsey Ann for sharing

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Scotty McCreery makes a fans dream come true at his solo concert

I just wanted to add the tweet we received from Melissa :)
Hey! I wanted to thank you for getting my experience heard. My family and, I just sat and read EVERY single comment

Thank You
@MelissaIlene13 for allowing us to post your story on

Well McCreerian's get your Kleenex box out because you are going to need it! I read this story and my heart just melted and the tears flowed. Just when you think you can't love this boy anymore, he goes and does something like this! Scotty is always saying how much he appreciates his fans and this story shows that he really does care about his fans. Thank you once again Scotty McCreery for reminding us exactly why we have come to love you so much.

My Scotty Experience
I have loved Scotty McCreery, since the very beginning. Ever since I heard him sing “Baby Lock Them Doors.” I bought the songs he covered on American Idol, every week off of iTunes. He is the only person I have ever cared to vote for on American Idol. (Previous Seasons, included.)

When he was given the title, I cried. I was so happy that he won. He truly deserved it and, I completely idolized him by the time the season was over. I wanted nothing more than to see him in concert. I would tell my family that I just wanted to be close enough to reach out and, touch his hand.

My mom, found out that Scotty, was coming to Lancaster Ca. I freaked because, nobody I love ever comes to my town. It’s like, overlooked or something. Hahaha! Anyways… My mom got in contact with a local radio host named DJ Craig EC, (Through a Co Worker/Friend of hers. He happened to be best friends with Craig EC.)

My mom wrote the DJ a letter telling him my story, all I’ve been through and, had to overcome. (I have Cerebral Palsy! I haven’t been able to walk without assistance, since birth. Doctors told my then teenage mother, that I’d never amount to anything in life. I guess I proved them wrong because, I’m nearly a high school graduate with huge plans to go straight to college and become an entertainment journalist.) Anyway, enough back story. Hahaha!

So, Craig EC had me come up to his radio station and, handed me 3 tickets and, 2 Meet N’ Greet passes to Scotty’s concert, which happened to be 2 days away. (Tonight.) Of course, I was hysterical when he handed them to me. I thanked him so many times. I couldn’t wait to experience this with my mommy and, little sister. (Who are also huge fans.)

Today, I woke up knowing that tonight, I’d be meeting somebody I idolize. My sister got up and, we spent hours in the bathroom while she did my hair and, makeup. After everyone was ready, we headed over to the venue. I had butterflies all day and, they only intensified when we arrived.

After along wait Craig EC came up and told us that Scotty would come and meet us down stairs apart from all the others because, I couldn’t go up stairs like everyone else. My mom and, sister got their cameras ready because, they wanted to record my meeting with him.

Finally, Scotty made his way down the stairs following Craig EC and, Security. He walked straight up to me and, held out his hand. I took it and, by that time, I was on the verge of tears. He then ASKED PERMISSION, before hugging me. I hugged him and, I said: “I love you!” I was choked up and, fighting back tears. He then replied: “Awe, thank you! I love you too.” I WAS DYING INSIDE. TRYING SO HARD NOT TO COMPLETELY LOOSE IT. Then he took pictures with both my sister and, I. Then my mom, asked him if we all could take one together. He smiled and, said “Of course! Of course!” Security, was rushing him but, he didn’t care. Then he signed both of our Passes and, told me he’d be looking out for me in the crowd. He gave me another hug and, started to walk away. He noticed he had forgot to hug my sister again and, ran back to hug her.

After we met him, he performed a full setlist of songs. (Without a break.) I knew every single word to all of his songs. He dedicated “The Trouble With Girls” to us California Girls. <3 After running through the setlist, he came out for an Encore. Then it was all over as quickly as it began.

Tonight, was the best night of my existence. I will never forget a moment. The way he treated me. The way he hugged me. He was so, so, so, genuine. He didn’t have to tell me he loved me but, he did. He didn’t have to come down and, meet me downstairs but, he did.

He will always and, forever be FLAWLESS to me. <3

Scotty McCreery It's Alright Mama & other videos from solo concert


Elvis would be proud!

I love hearing the fans sing along to his songs

Credit to Linda Chen for all videos
It's Alright Mama

Clear As Day


Better Than That

Taste of Country: Scotty McCreery Sings ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ at California Concert

If Scotty McCreery‘s time on ‘American Idol‘ didn’t prove that he’s capable of covering just about any song ever recorded, his stage show will. The singer played ‘Man of Constant Sorry’ by the Soggy Bottom Boys during a show in Lancaster, Calif. on Sunday night, as seen in the video below.

The gig at the University of Antelope Valley came after a weekend of shows on Brad Paisley‘s Virtual Reality Tour. According to, 1,600 fans packed the Pioneer Events Center. The singer’s set list also included covers of songs by George Strait, Elvis Presley and Travis Tritt. It seems that ‘Your Man’ by Josh Turner has been purged from his set list.

McCreery’s version of the song from the ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ soundtrack is well-rehearsed, down to the theatrical introduction (those who’ve seen the movie will recognize what he’s trying to do). The nearly four-minute long clip includes a banjo, guitar and bass solo, and of course McCreery was spot on with the lyrics.

Scotty McCreery videos from solo concert


WOW - WOW - WOW is all I can say! Scotty sang to a sold out crowd for his first solo concert and they absolutely loved him! Love hearing the screaming girls and the people singing along with him! Congratulations Scotty for such a successful solo concert - this is the first of many more to come! I apologize for making such a big post - but I wanted to get as many on here as I could before I headed out to work this morning! ENJOY they are amazing!
Credit goes Linda Chen
Man of Sorrow

Credit to Linda Chen:
Out Of Summertime

Credit to: Linda Chen
Back On The Ground

Credit to: burningup4nickj
Water Tower Town

You Make That Look Good
Credit to: burningup4nckj

Credit to: chngri123
Write Your Number On My Hand & That Old King James

Credit to: chngri123
I Love You This Big

Credit to: chngri123
Dirty Dishes

Credit to chngri123
Check Yes or No & Back On The Ground & Out of Summertime