Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photos from Scotty McCreery's solo concert

Scotty's songs he will be performing tonight.
Credit to: Mamalety from Idol Forum

LindaChen168 Linda Chen
Thanks, @ScottyMcCreery. You are a sweet and humble young man. Stay true to yourself.
@JudyMacGarner @ScottyMcCreery It was a great pleasure meeting you this afternoon. Have a blast tonight.

Attwater is a great opener for . Loving it.

LindaChen168 Linda Chen
@jeffreyharper ty for chatting with me and my husband. Please say thanks for us to Tripper.
Linda Chen
@ScottyMcCreery tour bus outside the event center. p
LindaChen168 Linda Chen
With Jeffrey (keyboard player) to my left and Tripper (bass player) to my right. Aah! They are such nice people

Here are some pictures that were posted in the Fans of Scotty chat room they had been tweeted by fans that were at the concert tonight. Looks like the ladies are loving Scotty tonight!

Scotty McCreery's TTWG #20 on radio charts

EDIT: TTWG IS NOW #19 as of 5:01 posting by Dusty125125 on Idol Forum! Way to go Scotty

21 22 19 SCOTTY MCCREERY The Trouble With Gir... 19/Interscope/Mercury 2156 1819 337 6389

Credit to Dusty125125 - posted in Idol Forum

TTWG has now moved into the top 20 on Radio Charts!!

21 22 20 SCOTTY MCCREERY The Trouble With Gir... 19/Interscope/Mercury 2156 1819 337 6389

media base from this morning original.gif

Scotty McCreery Las Vegas, NV

@LindaChen168 is a frequent visitor of this site and the chat room. She has given me permission to post her pictures and videos from the concert last night. If you choose to copy any of the pictures & use on your personal pages (facebook, twitter, etc) we ask that you please give her credit for them. Thank you & enjoy. Thank you Linda, for sharing your photos with us.

at Vegas singing YMTLG with his beloved Scarlett. He's so cool on the stage.
Linda Chen @LindaChen168
@ScottyMcCreery at Vegas singing TTWG.

The Trouble With Girls

Linda Chen @LindaChen168
Brad talks about @ScottyMcCreery starting around 2:30 mark. Brad is hilarious. Fans screamed when he mentioned Scotty.