Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scotty McCreery tweets from Las Vegas, NV

Robert Stephenson @RobbyStephenson
One of the best nights of my life thanks to @ScottyMcCreery! Thank you for everything brother!

up on stage after the concert! haha.. Glad he could come out tonight in Vegas!
Great crowd in Vegas tonight! What a fun show!

So yall trended 'scotty have a tp' worldwide today huh? (;

Not tonight cause its a little late, but we'll get one going here soon..

Love yall! Ive said it before, but yall never cease to amaze me. I owe it all to yall n imma keep working my tail off for you..

Scotty McCreery videos from Boise, ID 1/26/12

credit for all videos goes to: momomuldoon
Dirty Dishes Boise, ID 1/26/12

I Love You This Big

Write Your Number On My Hand

The Finale - With Brad & TBP

One of Scotty McCreery's boys from Garner tweets pictures of LV

Robby is one of Scotty's friends from Garner and looks like he's taking a tour of Las Vegas and decided to tweet pictures along the way!

Robert Stephenson @RobbyStephenson
Inside the Venetian.....

Robert Stephenson @RobbyStephensonThe Venetian Mandalay bay at night From the plane...

Just for the official blue man group theater

A fans review of Scotty McCreery in concert at SLC, UT

Thank you to @annemarie_moore for allowing us to post this on our site. Also, the pictures and videos that I've posted from the SLC performances were also from @annemarie_moore :)


So I got to the arena around 2:30pm, I went the show all by myself but luckily I met 3 girls there and made friends lol. I brought poster I made for Scotty, it said "Hey Girl, My Name is Scotty..Last Name McCreery" cause of the song Charlie Last Name Wilson haha.
So we stood outside by the buses waiting for Scotty to come out for hours. He finally came out around 4:00pm and played football with his band members for like 5 minutes and then went inside. They were wearing t-shirts and shorts and it was freezing, so they went inside the bus again. But Scotty saw us 4 fans waiting but he never came over...I was really disappointed. So we kept on waiting and waiting and he never came back out. But omgsh it was SOOOOO cold! I stepped in the grass and it was wet, so my moccasins were soaked completely through with water. It was horrible haha.

I finally gave up and went to my car, drove across the street and bought new boots from Cracker Barrel because my feet were freezinggggg haha. So then once my feet warmed up, I went over to the radio stations to try and win backstage passes because they were giving them out. I tried to win a bunch of games but none of them were working and they stopped giving out Scotty passes and went onto The Band Perry. So I ran around to all the stations and asked them if they had passes, and they said no..that they had already given them all out. Well I walked away defeated and was walking to the arena to go get seated, when this lady came out to me and pointed to my poster and said.. "Do you wanna meet him?" and I'm like "UHHH YES!!!!" haha So she gave me a pass and told me to run into the arena real quick if I wanted to meet him.

So I ran into the arena and got in line for the meet and greet. You have no idea how excited I was ya'll, I went to two American Idol concerts and he didn't come outside at I've been waiting to meet him for months now. So anyways, it was finally my turn to meet Scotty, I told him how excited I was because I waited in the cold for him for hours and he goes, "You did? Aww I'm sorry." Then I showed him the poster and said, do you get it? and he goes "Charlie, last name Wilson? Thats so funny" hahahaa. haha.gif He loved it! We took a picture and the first one, the guy didn't have the poster in the picture...and Scotty was like, "take it again, you can't see the poster" haha so we took another one. aww i love him wub.gif

But the concert was amazing ya'll! The crowd loved him and the girls screamed like crazy for our boy when he came on stage. He looked so happy and in his element when he was performing. Mama Judy was on the side the of the stage singing along to every single was adorable!! heart.gif
After Scottys set the security came over to me and told me, if pulled my camera out again he would kick me out because it was too professional. But it was dumb because they never even checked my thats not even fair! So I had to record Celebrity on my iphone so the quality isn't as great or anything. But when Scotty came out for Celebrity, everyone freakedddddd out. Seriously, the crowd loves our boy!!! heart.gif happy.gif

Brad kept on talking about Scotty during the show, he said "High school is not the best years of your life. you have no idea what great things are to come once you graduate. even you Scotty" crying.gif
Everyone went awwwww! it was really sweet, cause Brad was so sincere when he said it, I wanted to cry!
Ohh and the end of the show when they did the encore and they sang alcohol, they gave scotty a bottle of water and he was jugging it down haha. it was funny laughing.gif

I think thats it for my review. I'll post more later if I remember...but I'm still so tired from last night.

Scotty McCreery pictures from SLC, UT

I received permission from @annmarie_moore to post her pictures from the concert last night. If you choose to copy any of the pictures & use on your personal pages (facebook, twitter, etc) please give her credit for them. Thank you & enjoy.
Just click on the pictures to make them larger

Scotty & the band playing football

Momma Judy singing along with her boy
Sc0tty showing some love to his fans

I love this black & white picture!

Here is a link to view the other pictures she took at the concert last night!

Is Scotty McCreery the next male star destined for superstardom?

Thanks for the heads up about this poll in the comments section! This is a poll that Country Weekly is taking - Scotty will not win anything if he wins it - they are just trying to see who fans think will be the next Super Star!

Who is the next male artist destined for superstardom?
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There are so many exciting new male artists out there creating a buzz in country music. Some already have hits while others are entirely new to the scene.

Who do you think is the next male artist destined for superstardom?

Cast your vote below! Poll ends Feb. 5.

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Scotty McCreery Murphy USA National Manager Meeeting

Thanks Angela for telling us about these videos!

I Love You This Big
Credit to: BritneyBoroughs

Check Yes or No

Write Your Number On My Hand

Scotty McCreery showed off some charisma in UT

Brad Paisley shows versatility in sold-out West Valley City show
By Tom Wharton The Salt Lake Tribune First published Jan 27 2012 11:08PM

West Valley City » Start with Scotty McCreery, the latest American Idol. Add fast-rising stars The Band Perry. Finish with country superstar Brad Paisley. And mix with the electricity of a sold-out Maverik Center.

What you had Friday night was nirvana for thousands of music fans.

McCreery opened with a seven-song set. Obviously young, the slender American Idol has a deep voice to go with a slight stature. He showed off a bit of charisma, the ability to sing some slow-paced ballads and a nice hit in “The Trouble With Girls.”

Scotty McCreery videos from Salt Lake City, UT

Water Tower Town - Salt Lake City, UT 1/27/12
Credit for all videos goes to: allieandannmarie

Talking About American Idol

Write Your Number On My Hand

You Make That Look Good

Dirty Dishes

Walk In The Country

The Trouble With Girls

Scotty McCreery Up For Academy of Country Music Awards

Scotty McCreery Up For Academy Of Country Music Awards

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Academy Of Country Music AwardsScotty McCreery joins some of countrys brightest stars as a semi-finalist for New Artist of the Year at the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, going up against artists like Justin Moore, David Nail, and Thompson Square. The award show, which will be broadcast live on CBS on Sunday, April 1st, is letting the fans decide who should win the New Artist of the Year title.

The first round of fan voting is now live, and will continue until January 30th. 3 finalists will be chosen in February, with final round voting beginning on March 19th and ending the day of the show on April 1st. Fans can cast their vote for Scotty in the New Artist of the Year category now by heading over to

Scotty's debut album, Clear As Day, was certified platinum earlier this month and spent 6 weeks at #1 on the Top Country Albums chart, as well as peaking at #1 on the Billboard 200. Clear As Day is also the second best selling American Idol debut album of all-time behind Clay Aiken's Measure of a Man.