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Scotty McCreery advises 'American Idol' hopefuls: 'Don't get stressed'

Scotty McCreery has advised current American Idol hopefuls not to become "stressed out" during the process.

The 'Trouble With Girls' singer, who won season ten of the Fox competition, was asked during an interview with what he would tell the new batch of contestants hoping to follow in his footsteps.

McCreery replied: "Oh man, just don't let it stress them out. I made that mistake a couple times. You're just there to sing, have fun, and really entertain the crowd.

"If you let the stress of the TV part of it, the live show part of it get to you, the singing and the entertaining won't be fully there. Stay laid back, get your songs right, work hard, and you'll be set."

As for which hopefuls he is rooting for so far, the teenager namechecked David Leathers Jr - who he appeared alongside in a competition before American Idol - and brother-and-sister duo Schyler and Colton Dixon, who he met at season ten's Hollywood Week.

McCreery recently said that he was looking forward to watching the new season of American Idol because he would be able to understand what the contestants are going through.

"I'll be watching those kids and know exactly what they're going through and the nerves they're feeling. It'll be fun to watch," he said. "I've watched for ten seasons strong now, but it'll definitely be different to watch it this year."

McCreery's debut album Clear As Day was recently certified platinum. He is currently touring with Brad Paisley.

One Year Ago Today We Met Scotty McCreery Happy ONE Year Anniversary.

And what a year it has been for American Idol winner Scotty McCreery who is currently on tour as the opening act for Brad Paisley, and The Band Perry.  This last year has been amazing for the North Carolina Garner native who's audition episode aired one year ago today.  Many fans have taken to twitter to wish Scotty a "Happy Anniversary" and even wish the "McCreerians" themselves one. 

Scotty's year has been jam packed since he tried out for American Idol and quickly became a fan favorite on the show, never once landing in the bottom 2 or 3.  He's had 2 hit songs, sang on the Opry, performed with  Josh Turner, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw.  His album debuted at number one across all genres, and has since gone platinum.  He's been nominated for ACM Best New Artist, and recently won the ACA's fan voted "New Artist of the Year Award."

Scotty turned 18 in October, but even though he's an adult still makes sure "Momma" is on the road with him.  He's in the process of finishing up his Sr. year in high school, while filing out college applications, and planing on pitching for the Garner Trojans Baseball team this spring. 

Additionally, it's just been announced Scotty will play himself on the new television show "The Hart Of Dixie". Scotty will appear as himself, singing his hit song "The Trouble With Girls."  The show is set to air this April on the CW.

We're very proud of you Scotty! And the fans would like to congratulate you on an amazing year.!

Here are just a few videos from the past year.


Homecoming Garner NC

Grand Ole Opry Debut

Interviews with Scotty McCreery and TBP as they swing into Utah with Brad Paisley

Listen up, kids. Just because you won “American Idol” and get to tour with Brad Paisley doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do your homework.
As recently as December, country singer Scotty McCreery was still attending his senior year at North Carolina’s Garner Magnet High School, going to gym class and waiting to hear about his college applications. Never mind that in 2011 the 18-year-old bass won the tenth season of the FOX-televised reality competition and scored a No. 1 album.
McCreery admits his high-school experience is a little different nowadays. “Maybe I get a few more hello’s,” said McCreery, comparing his pre-“Idol” period with his post-“Idol” period in the halls of his school.
McCreery will have to miss plenty of high school for the next several months as he opens for Paisley. And with the ways things have been going, perhaps putting off college for a few years might not be a bad thing. After all, McCreery said, “It might take me 50 years to get my degree.”
The three siblings of The Band Perry, on the other hand, have been home-schooled since brothers Neil and Reid were 8 and 10, respectively, and older sister Kimberly was 15. The trio, Kimberly said, had the total support of their parents when they told them they wanted careers in the music business.
Maintaining friendships while dropping out of school wasn’t a hardship, Neil, 21, said. “All of our friends were in our band, he said.
Being home-schooled and having the opportunity to go on tour to far-flung places at an early age had its educational benefits, too. “It was a constant geography lesson,” Kimberly, 28, said.
But, you have to ask, doesn’t missing the prom hurt?
Not for Kimberly. Even though she missed out on her high school prom, she and her brothers recently performed for President Barack Obama with the Naval Academy Glee Club. After the performance, a brave midshipman asked Kimberly to a formal in Annapolis. If time allows, she said, she’ll go.
But, just like McCreery’s increasingly busy schedule, The Band Perry’s career is on the upswing. The idea of dancing with a sailor is about as likely as McCreery rushing for a fraternity this fall.

Scotty related ACM nominations

The ACM nominations were announced this morning. Below are the awards I found to be related to Scotty in any way possible. I love to see how even with the fist album, he's been working with the best of the best. Don't forget to keep voting for Scotty at for New Artist of the Year!

· Jason Aldean
· Kenny Chesney
· Brad Paisley
· Blake Shelton
· Taylor Swift

· Jason Aldean
· Kenny Chesney
· Brad Paisley
· Blake Shelton
· Chris Young

· The Band Perry
· Eli Young Band
· Lady Antebellum
· Rascal Flatts
· Zac Brown Band

Off air:

· Mark Bright(producer for Clear As Day)
· Buddy Cannon
· Nathan Chapman
· Jay Joyce
· Frank Liddell

· Rhett Akins (You Make That Look Good- the nom is not specifically for this song but rather his songwriting talents in general)
· Dallas Davidson
· Ben Hayslip
· Luke Laird
· David Lee Murphy

· KAJA-FM San Antonio, TX
· WLHK-FM Indianapolis, IN
· WQDR-FM Raleigh, NC(Scotty's hometown station that shows an incredible amount of support)
· WUBE-FM Cincinnati, OH

· Randy Carroll & Jamie Martin, KAJA-FM San Antonio, TX
· Dave O’Brien, WLHK-FM, Indianapolis, IN
· Mike, Marty and Janie, WQDR-FM Raleigh, NC
(Marty came to the AI finale, Janie and Mike also have interviewed Scotty, etc.)
· Bill Cody, WSM-AM, Nashville, TN
· Big Dave and Chelsie WUBE-FM Cincinnati, OH

For a complete list of nominations

Scotty McCreery to perform tonight at the Idaho Center in Boise, FOS Chat

Tonight Scotty McCreery is performing at the Boise Idaho Center, doors open at 6:30pm and Scotty takes the stage at 7:30pm. Boise is located in Mountain Time, and once again for your reference the USA Time Zone map is here to give you a helping hand.

The Fans Of Scotty Chat will start after 6:00pm Eastern Time.  There is a new tab at the top of the site with the link, and chat rules.  If you haven't been to a FOS chat before please read the rules first.  The chat room is open 24/7 with most people coming in at night, but you will also notice people are in and out of chat all day long chatting about Scotty.

Brad Paisley - Virtual Reality Tour

If you will be attending tonight's Boise show, and you will be tweeting, please let us know in the comments section, so we can follow you on twitter!  Hope you join us for chat tonight, as it's really been a lot of fun, and a great addition for Scotty Fans.  Have a great Thursday.