Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scotty McCreery More Concert Videos

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Scotty's opening

I Love You This Big

The Trouble With Girls


Who is Scotty McCreery's supporting act for his Sea World performance?

Hmm I found something very interesting posted on the Idol Forum

suitemusicSuite Caroline
Kaabooommm!! Just got booked as the support act for Scotty McCreary at Sea World Orlando in March!!!

Seems like Scotty's going to have an "opening act" for his gig at Sea World in Orlando, FL
I had never heard of Suite Caroline before so I did some searching and this is what I found. She has a pretty impressive resume, in my opinion, to only be 14 years old! She has been the opening act or supporting act for some very big names in Country Music!

This is what's posted on her official website I've provided the link is at the bottom

Suite Caroline is only 14, but has already released 3 CDs of all original music, and signed a deal with SONY/ATV in Nashville. She has opened concerts across the nation for many popular artists including Martina McBride, Blake Shelton and Lifehouse. She has sung live with Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar, Charlie Daniels and the GoGo´s. She has played supporting stages for Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Willie Nelson, among others. She has played for crowds as large as 30,000 people! She has even performed in Australia, Fiji and Ireland. Caroline is a story-teller, and a really good one no matter what her age. Listen to her music and you will hear a refreshing believability, and songs filled with memorable musical hooks. Caroline continues to earn rave reviews everywhere she plays!

Suite Caroline at New Years Eve 2011

Credit to: mkudelko1

Scotty McCreery Is Still Starstruck

Scotty McCreery is another young star currently out on tour with an Opry member. He is Brad Paisley’s opening act, but shares with us this week that being out on the road does not take the excitement away from playing the Opry. Scotty shares that he is impressed and amazed when performing at the Opry House. “I’ll be walking around the hallways, starstruck, when they’re passing me and stuff,” says Scotty. “It’s just a different feel when you come in here. You feel all the history and all the greats that have played here before me. So it’s wild.”

Scotty McCreery Clear As Day climbed 7%

Jan 25, 2012
By Brian Mansfield, USA TODAY

Scotty McCreery's Clear as Day climbed 7%

Scotty McCreery, Clear as Day (11,000, +7%, 890,000) (#29 BB200)