Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pictures of Scotty McCreery at the Witchita, KS concert

A friend and follower of our page, Faith Harris, was at the Virtual Reality World Tour Jan 20, in Wichita, KS at the Intrust Bank Arena. She wanted to share with us her memories of the show through her pictures. Attached is the Photobucket link to some awesome pictures from the show. We just ask that if you choose to share these pictures on your own personal page or account (FB, web, Twitter...) that you please give her credit for the pictures. Thank you Faith Harris for sharing

Scotty McCreery with the Brad Paisley Virtual Reality World Tour Jan 20 2012 in Wichita KS

The Band Perry on the Brad Paisley Virtual Reality World Tour Jan 20 2012 in Wichita KS


Brad Paisley - there are pictures of Scotty & The Band Perry in this link as well

Scotty McCreery's Mom tweets picture from Orlando, FL

Edit: Scotty just tweeted this a few minutes ago & I wanted to add it on this post

Great time singing for Murphy Oil in Orlando tonight!

Judy Cooke McCreery @JudyMacGarner
Scotty surprises Murphy Oil for their corporate event in Orlando! A wonderful crowd! pic.twitter.com/aPy7z8z7

Judy Cooke McCreery @JudyMacGarner
Playing for Murphy Oil in Orlando! What a great group! pic.twitter.com/XMm8d9dj

Vote For Scotty McCreery ACM banner, I see it every where!

Have you noticed that it's everywhere on the web? What is it I am referring to, well it's SCOTTY. Every site I seem to go on lately I see this. Like just a few moments ago, I was watching the Jimmy Dale video, and I saw that there were other Scotty Videos, so I clicked the one from the beginning of Idol, where Scotty realizes he's about to maybe really be on Idol. And WHAM. Earlier today, I was researching something and went to a site.. sadly I cannot recall the site at the moment, but the banner was there too! Now is this happening for random people every where?

I sent my friend to that site, and she didn't have the same banner. So, is Scotty stalking the fans? Have the tables been turned? Are the voting fans the only ones seeing this banner, in which case those fans are already voting, or are random people seeing it too? Have you spotted it? It's like Where's Waldo? Where's the Scotty banner for you? Here it is, if you haven't seen it. I suspect if you haven't seen it, then your NOT VOTING ENOUGH. SCOTTY IS HUNTING YOU DOWN ON THE WEB. HE'LL FIND YOU SOONER OR LATER. :D I love it!

There it is ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  What I loved is it was attached to a video that Scotty had recorded before he even made it to the top 24, and now it says VOTE SCOTTY MCCREERY ACM'S NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR.!! My My Mr. Scotty McMerican Idol , did you ever imagine on that day way way back when, you'd have that banner below a video??? <3

OK NOW GO VOTE, YES YOU  http://www.voteACM.com  <-- click

Scotty McCreery at Disney world today

Jimmy Strater @JimmyStrater
Cool to see @ScottyMcCreery today @WaltDisneyWorld . I can't believe he just showed up at The American Idol Experience. pic.twitter.com/AcTBpIPc

Jimmy Strater @JimmyStrater
Lucky contestant got to meet @ScottyMcCreery at The American Idol Experience. He sang a Scotty song & won too pic.twitter.com/ua0EOk8p

Here's a short clip of Scotty at The American Idol Experience today
Haha They are even mentioning to vote for Scotty as ACM New Artist of the Year!

Cousin Jimmy Dale: Vote Scotty for ACM!

This is a must watch! And be sure to keep voting every day at voteacm.com so Scotty can move on to the next round.

From Taste of Country:
It was bound to happen. A young man tastes success, and his family tries to bring him down. Scotty McCreery is apparently being blackmailed by his cousin ‘Jimmy Dale’ until the singer returns the “50 large” he borrowed. In the video below, the Larry the Cable Guy lookalike reveals three truths about his 18-year-old cousin.

“I’ve been blackmailed by my own kin,” McCreery tweeted along with a link to the video seen below.

First, cousin Jimmy Dale claims that Scotty McCreery doesn’t really like fried chicken (gasp!). Second, he says that baseball is not really his favorite sport (get out!). Third, he insists the country singer is faking his famously deep voice. Jimmy Dale has video evidence to support all three claims, and he shares it before McCreery walks in on his taping and repays the 50 cents he borrowed earlier in the day.

We’re not sure (wink, wink), but it’s likely the video is just a way to remind fans to vote for McCreery as an ACM New Artist of the Year nominee. Justin Moore, Brantley Gilbert, Thompson Square, Hunter Hayes, JT Hodges, David Nail and Jerrod Niemann are the other artists up for the award. Voting ends next Monday (Jan. 30) at 12PM ET.


Scotty McCreery Clear As Day Album sales week 1/24/12

Scotty McCreery Clear As Day Album sales week 1/24/12  with 54% reporting sits at number 15! We'll keep a watch out. Way To Go Scotty, sill in the top 20 after making a drop off to number 34 last week. Let's hope he stays there as we wait for final numbers over the next 24 hours.


Scotty stops at KFDI

Scotty McCreery dropped by the KFDI radio station. Click to listen to his interview(in 4 parts, scroll to the bottom of the page) and watch an acoustic performance of “Water Tower Town” and "The Trouble With Girls".

Scotty McCreery Which College Is In His future?

There's nothing new or profound in this article - but I thought the author said some pretty positive things about Scotty!

Scotty McCreery, Which College Is in His Future?
January 23, 2012 02:11 PM EST

Scotty McCreery is riding high in the country music world. This American Idol winner is singing his heart out and building a fan base. But when you get right down to it, Scotty has more on his mind than just music. While touring with Brad Paisley is a lot of fun, Scotty has also been applying to colleges.

Yes, Scotty has applied to and was accepted by East Carolina. That doesn't mean that's his college of choice. He is still waiting to hear from North Carolina State, Belmont University, and Tennessee State. He will probably wait until all the acceptance letters are in before he makes up his mind. He is very family-oriented and NC State is close to home, but then again Tennessee isn't that far from home!

Scotty McCreery has a lot of talent and his fans love him. It is a good example he is setting by going to college. A college education is something that will help him in the future. Just because he is an American Idol winner and is touring with Brad Paisley doesn't mean he isn't preparing for the future.

Whatever college he winds up at, he will probably attract a lot of attention! Good luck, Scotty!


Scotty McCreery has natural ease & humble swagger

Brad Paisley: 'Virtual World Tour 2012' Review
January 23rd, 2012 by Marian Tuin

Opening the show was the current American Idol Champion Scotty McCreery. It was clear he already boasts a robust fan base evidenced by the shrill screams of delight every time he opened his mouth to sing or speak. Undoubtedly he has vocally earned and deserves that admiration with a nearly pitch perfect and deeply seductive southern voice. During the set he sincerely thanked fans for, “Getting me through American Idol!” And in return sang his first American Idol single, “I Love You This Big”. He also performed his current radio hit, "The Trouble With Girls" among others off his debut album. His set was under scored by a natural ease and a humble swagger (if that is possible). Scotty clearly knows who he is as an artist and confidently steps up to deliver from a poised reserve of talent.

I am the first to admit that I'm not Country music’s biggest fan, but I will say of all the live music I am privileged to witness, Country by far has some of my favorite fans and performers. They are unpretentious, real and really ready to just simply to throw down and have a good time. They embody our everyday life and by doing so reach into the lives of so many with their music.