Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scotty McCreery This Week’s Best Tweets

Scotty McCreery (@ScottyMcCreery): Dinner before or after I sing tonight? I could get a good meal right now but i aint hungry. Or cereal after when Im real hungry. #decisions

I've only posted Scotty's tweet you can click on the link below to read the whole article

More Videos, Scotty McCreery Pepsi Center Write My Number On You Hand.

This isn't concert related, but I'm adding it here so I don't have to make another post. lol So Far this is the best video/audio of Tebow. You can see Scotty on the left of your sceen.

Great Audio!



Scotty McCreery with Brad Paisley and Tim Tebow. Better View, Full Video.

Scotty McCreery Dancing on stage with a fan at Brad Paisley "Alcohol"

ok according to the comments section here the wonderful lady is Kimberley, Neil, and Reid Perrys Mom.

Scotty McCreery VIDEO Denver, Colorado 1/21/12

FINALLY SOMETHING A VIDEO OF SCOTTY. This is from Denver Colorado 1/21/12  Thank you to this fan for the upload, and their wonderful singing. Everybody should sing along! <3

It's blurry and shaky, but we will take what we can get. Thanks again to agnel12013 for the upload.

Man fans have been asking where are the videos, we just haven't had a lot of uploads. We're posting what we find, there just hasn't been a lot.

EDIT: I have a typo here "Man Fans" I meant Many fans, but since it's making me laugh I shall leave it, because "Man Fans" have asked too. Soo HERE'S TO THE MAN FAN! <3


Pictures of Scotty McCreery in Denver last night Tebowing

This was tweeted from

Thank you ITAHCM for tweeting these pictures

Scotty McCreery tweets from Denver

Edit: I wanted to post on here the tweet from Scotty's Dad this morning. I think it's just awesome that Tim took the time to call Ashley & I'm sure she was more than excited when she received that call!

Sincere thanks to for talking to last night. Words can't describe how much that meant to me as a dad.

from the sounds of these tweets I think it's safe to assume that our boy had a blast in Denver last night! haha

Great meeting you ! Best of luck to you brother!

great meeting you too! Thanks for the words of encouragement. Hope you had a good time tonight!

denverrrrr! Yall rockedddd! Good grief! what a night!

Best night ever in Denver with and all of you lovelies! Thx 4 coming out. -kP

Tim Tebow and Brad Paisley

Tim Tebow @TimTebow
Having a great time hanging out w/ my brothers & friends at @BradPaisley concert in Denver!

Brad Paisley
| BradPaisley
Still a guy has never been so exciting. Or quite so beautifully offkey.

Brad Paisley
| BradPaisley
Preparing for my touchdown pass...

Brad Paisley
| BradPaisley
me and @TimTebow, probably not gonna be nominated for musical Duo of the year, but you never know.
I know these are not videos of Scotty but we all know how much Scotty & his family love Time Tebow so I thought it would be alright to post them on here. Scotty & TBP are not in these videos as soon as we can find one of them doing the Tebow it'll be posted

Tim Tebow at the show

The Virtual Reality tour is in Denver tonight also known as the home of the Denver Broncos (football) and Tim Tebow (breakout quarterback). Tim is a huge country music fan and tweeted earlier that he met Brad Paisley. Looks like he got to meet the rest of the gang as well...

Amazing. @scottymccreery & his boys joined @thebandperry & band 2 surprise @bradpaisley. Just tebowed on stage unannounced mid show.awesome

We (TBP) and @ScottyMcCreery's band just punk'd @BradPaisley during "I'm Still A Guy." Walked onto the thrusts and Tebow'd.
And then, Tim Tebow himself walked out onto the stage to sing the bridge.

OHHHH MY GOODNESS! Went out to tebow during I'm still a guy w/ @thebandperry and tebow came out on stage! What an experience!!!

For those that don't know... tabooing is defined as "to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different."