Friday, January 20, 2012

Scotty McCreery tweets his keyboard players new stage look

Scotty McCreery @ScottyMcCreery
my keyboard players new stage look! yall dig it?

Scotty McCreery You Make That Look Good

You Make That Look Good 1/19/12
Water Tower Town 1/19/20 Scotty's Entrance I love this Video!

Scotty McCreery Brad Paisley Tour information 1/20/12

INTRUST Bank Arena Blog

Tonight We stalk   enthusiastically watch twitter and more for Scotty updates about his performance. HE will open tonight in Kansas at the Intrust Bank Arena, in Witchita Kansas

 The seating capacity of concerts is 17,500. The Intrust Bank Arena is home to the Wichita Thunder of the CHL. Intrust Bank Arena tickets have included such headliners as Elton John, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Dave Matthews Band, George Strait, Michael Buble, Brad Paisley (opening night) ,and many more.
When INTRUST Bank Arean first opened it's doors, Brad Paisley was the honored star to be the very first performer!

Fans OF Scotty chat begins after 6pm/  Join us as we chat about Scotty on tour with Brad Paisley, the fans have been really enjoying this addition to FOS, and we hope you all join us this evening.  <-- Chat Link

Scotty McCreery After 'Idol' St. Joe Live News Story

Many doubted a squeaky-clean teenage country crooner from small-town North Carolina could win “American Idol.” They were wrong. Many more doubted that the same singer could actually make an impact in the country music scene. Well, they were wrong, too.
After winning the tenth season of “American Idol” in May 2011, Scotty McCreery has been on a hot streak. His debut album reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts, and now he’s part of one of 2012’s biggest country music tours. McCreery will open for Brad Paisley and The Band Perry at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 19 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.
Before the gang rolls into the Show-Me State, St. Joe Live caught up with McC to chat about his newfound success, the tour and, well, his choice of colleges. Enjoy.
St. Joe Live: You performed quite a few songs from Josh Turner, Travis Tritt and Montgomery Gentry on ‘American Idol.’ Would you mark them among your biggest musical influences?
Scotty McCreery: Definitely. Those guys are a lot of the guys I’ve looked up to recently. When I was younger — believe it or not — I was an old country guy. Just old music in general. From about kindergarten through sixth grade, I was an Elvis fanatic. I still love Elvis, but I don’t walk around wearing the wigs or the jumpsuit (laughs). So, yeah, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty were the ones I grew up listening to. As I got older, I got into Josh Turner and Montgomery Gentry and all those guys. But I definitely have a lot of older influences.
This is a great article but it's also a very long article Haha - so I've included the link for you to click on to read the full article :)

Scotty McCreery Visits KFDI 101.3

American Idol winner visits KFDI
Friday, January 20, 2012
American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, was a surpise guest on the Carol Hughes Show on Today's KFDI FM Friday afternoon.

Carol asked McCreery, a senior in high school, about handling his new found fame after winning the tenth season on American Idol in Milwaukee. " Going out in public is still tough." McCreery said. " Going out for dinner back home most people are really respectful, they let me eat and after I eat I meet them, its cool meeting fans." He plans to play on the school baseball team in the spring and enjoys playing catch with his dad. McCreery and The Band Perry are the opening acts for Brad Paisley tonight at Intrust Bank Arena.

Jenna Lynch!  @jennarlynch
SKSHALGSLAHSISHDKDHADH SCOTTTYYY!!!!!!!!!!! He's right here!!!!!!
Ally Spease@allysonxnoel
But seriously. I just got up close and personal to Scotty McCreery.

Thank you ITAHCM for retweeting these pictures

Scotty McCreery CMT Radio Live With Cody Alan

Scotty can't get over how fast Brad moves his fingers on the guitar. Brad is feeding them well on the tour maybe to well since Scotty is trying to get back in shape for baseball season. Find out what apps Scotty has on his IPhone.

Scotty McCreery QDR interview, Girl Friend Status, College and more.

Edit by: Donna
Here is the link for the interview that QDR did this morning. The link will take you to the QDR Morning show page, then scroll down and you will see where the interview is.


We'll have it up once they have it on their site. Scotty said he thinks Raquet Ball is his new thing, he really enjoys it! He's been accepted to ECU but still waiting on other acceptance letters, and hasn't made any decisions yet.

The crash boom heard around the world when Mike Wheless asked Scotty about a girl friend. Mr. American Idol skidded around the question, and said he's very busy BUT if he did LIKE somebody he wouldn't announce it on the radio. HAHA! Well wasn't that smart.

He DIDN'T say HE HAS A GIRL FRIEND. He said he's too busy, then when asked "IS THERE ANYBODY YOU LIKE" he said. He wouldn't tell it on radio. I think some are thinking that means he does have a GF, but I didn't pick up on that, just that if he LIKED somebody he wouldn't say it on AIR. VERY SMART SIR!

Also in regards to the kid on American Idol who said he "Beat Scotty" Scotty's response was
"I don't want to say he lied, but he did" Scotty said it was a semi-finalist round and 2 made it through, they were the two. There wasn't a WINNER/LOSER .. Just two that made it through.

Well have the interview up as soon as possible.

(I'm in a rush, I did not spell check this, or edit) HAHA! hope it all makes sense.

Scotty McCreery Brad Paisley Tour Recaps, Tweets, Pictures, Proposals! OH MY!

Don't forget Scotty is being interviewed this AM on QDR about College and Girl Friend Status??  The link is in the post below this one. 

Here are some GREAT recaps from last night's show. Courtesy of Idol Forums. 

On Scotty's You Tube video for ILYTB There was a comment left that read:

I was at the concert tonight in Kansas City and just wanted to say that while you sang I Love You This Big I proposed to her.... I just wanted to let you know.
Countryboy200532 4 hours ago

Awwwww <3

Next is Lemonade Stands recap, she was at last nights show. I'm posting it here too, because it's a really wonderful recap! Thanks Lemonade Stand for the amazing recap of your Show experience:

It was amazing! Seriously had butterflies just after seeing the banner with his name. I had really, really good seats so it made it all even that much more spectacular. Scotty's voice was impeccable, his stage presence was mature yet he still showed his boyish self and had fun with it. He smiled a lot which made me happy and was really enjoying the crowd, which adored him. I was trying to think of his best song of the night but he really performed them all so, so well!

He took a break to thank everyone who got him to where he was, helped him achieve platinum and for giving him so much love tonight. He also charmed the crowd with mentioning someone had told him about our bbq (KC's known for it) and said that he was definitely going to check that out. That got a great reaction from everyone.

He came out for Celebrity with Brad and people went nutsss. Seriously, so much screaming for his reappearance. Brad also name dropped Scotty several times during his set, making jokes about his age and whatnot.

The funniest part was at the end during Alcohol where everyone comes back out. I think they had some VIP people too, but there was one woman who appeared to be fifty, kinda grabbed Scotty and started dancing and whispering to him. He was such a gentleman and cute about it, as she dragged him out the front tee, but he was also the Scotty we all know; kinda uncomfortable and awkward. It made me giggle but I was glad that it only lasted a few minutes. He handled it well though! Brad also had the picture of Scotty in the speedo again and made a point to sing some line in his song about the picture, getting quite a reaction from the crowd.

I am not a picture/video person at concerts... Sorry! crying.gif I have found in the past it taking away from my experience.


kylieschmidt24 Kylie Schmidt
@ScottyMcCreery was deff the best part of the concert

kellylynn94 Kelly Savich
@ScottyMcCreery best night ever. Marry me? And come up to suite 12 to meet me. tongue.gif

laurendostal Lauren Dostal
@ScottyMcCreery MARRY ME YOU ARE AMAZING. #inlove #obsessed

cosper_katie Katie Cosper
Dear @ScottyMcCreery you have gained new superfans in Kansas City!

kellylynn94 Kelly Savich
@ScottyMcCreery I'm pretty sure I just died and went to heaven. You are perfection. Absolutely amazing concert.
IPB Image   Head over to Idol Forums to read more.  Thanks for all those in chat last night. So sorry I had family to take care of, and couldn't really be there.  When we get videos we'll have them up, and I'm sure QDR will have their interview up later, we'll post that too.

Additionally, in chat last night it was mentioned that WRAL announced SCOTTY WILL BE ON IDOL, when we have the specifics to that we'll let you know!

Scotty McCreery QDR Interview

Mike Wheless part of QDR 94.7 Morning Crew tweeted these last night. Be sure to tune in to find out what college accepted Scotty, does he have a girlfriend? What's the tour been like for him. QDR and only QDR will give you all the answers to this questions at 8:08 Friday Morning

got his 1st college acceptance letter 2day & find out the new thing he likes 2 do with his buds when he's home! Fri. 8:08am.

Listen Friday at 8:08am for my interview. He talks about the tour, , college & gf?!?

Click on the link below to listen to the interview

Scotty McCreery New Video Thanking his fans