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Tweets about Scotty McCreery from tonights performance

This tweet was just to funny to not post on here!
Holly Manthei @HollyManthei
Pretty sure Scotty McCreery just did a Tim Tebow kneel on stage. Commence swooning, ladies.
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Tara Novotny @tara_novotny
Scotty and Brad's bromance is too adorable for words.
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Victoria Menzie @VMenzz
Scotty mcreery tossed me brad paisleys pick right to me!!!!! Time of my life crying?!!!? #sohappy

Randi Beltz @ran_pan1
Brad & scotty singing together<3 #omfgiminlove

tweeted pictures of Scotty McCreery from tonights performance

Abby Thoennes @ybba2215
What up @ScottyMcCreery?

Emily Oliver @EmilyOliver527

Ashley Witte @Ashley_JoLynn

Hallie Williams @hallie_lynn21
@ScottyMcCreery ... speechless performance :) #lovelovelove

Scotty McCreery Wise well beyond his years.


Scotty McCreery won the tenth season of American Idol, and Clear as Day is the country singer’s debut album. Its first single, “I Love You this Big,” made into the top 15, while “The Trouble with Girls” went to number 23. This country music teen sensation was the youngest man -- at 18 -- to top the Billboard 200 album chart with his debut release, as it sold 197,000 copies in its first week. Obviously, the American Idol winner has found post-TV show success; but is he any good? The evidence found on Clear as Day shows that he is, indeed, the real deal.

     The album’s title cut, which speaks of how unforgettable life moments are permanently etched in one’s memory, reveals how McCreery can sing a ballad with sincere feeling. He may not have as low a voice as, say, Josh Turner, but even at his tender age, he can flex his lower register vocal muscles nicely. He may be diminutive and young, but that singing voice of his makes him seem wise well beyond his years.

The presence of “Walk in the Country,” a tune co-penned by pop-country star Keith Urban gives reason for concern. As good as Urban is, this guitar slinger heartthrob is by no means the poster child for traditional country music. Fears subside, however, once the song plays out. It features a fun, hot-stepping electric guitar groove and lets McCreery set aside his balladeer tone for a moment to sing a sprightly tune about the joys of country life.
    Producer Mark Bright deserves credit for helping keep McCreery’s music truly country. With his a tender age and good looks, Bright could have easily aimed to make McCreery the male Taylor Swift. Not to slight Swift, but she’s really not a country singer. Rather, she’s country by association more than anything else.

     Traditional country music fans will get a special thrill from “Write My Number on Your Hand,” which is a happy acoustic love song. It has the easygoing feel of a George Strait or an Alan Jackson tune. It may not add up to a whole lot, as far as emotional merit goes, but it scores high on feel-good points.

     McCreery is outspoken about his Christian faith, and his debut full-length also includes obvious lyrical references to the artists’ faith. One called “Dirty Dishes” speaks about a mother’s unusual prayer for the simple things in life, while “That Old King James” is an ode to the most popular translation of the Bible.

     American Idol may not have created many true musical idols. However, in the case of Scotty McCreery, it has helped propel the career of a sincerely deserving talent. McCreery has the goods, which can be seen clear as day on his debut album.

Scotty McCreery sends Greta a gift

Check out the great gift I got in the mail yesterday!
by Greta Van Susteren

My husband and I were with Reverend Franklin Graham in Haiti and the Dominican Republica at Christmas time to give out gifts to children (Samaritans’ Purse Operation Christmas Child.) We ran into American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and his family – they were also doing charity work. We had dinner with them and they are a great family! (The grandmother is really fun!)

I love having an autographed copy of the c/d — but, of course, I love his singing so much that I downloaded this months ago! I have been a fan of his since I first saw him on American Idol so it is a real thrill to get this signed c/d.

By the way, check out his singing. I bet you will also love it.

Scotty McCreery Live Stream to K102 Live Chat today

Here is the live stream link for the K102 live chat that will be happening at 4:00 Central time today.

Here is the link to join the live chat if you want to ask Scotty a question

Scotty McCreery - JS Article on the Milwaukee Concert

By Erik Ernst, Special to the Journal Sentinel
Jan. 14, 2012 10:00 a.m.

The encore-closing "Alcohol" became a stage-filling party. Openers Scotty McCreery members of The Band Perry shook hands with fans as Paisley led the crowd in a beer-soaked chorus that referenced Milwaukee.
McCreery, last season's "American Idol" winner, opened the show with a 25-minute set of songs from his platinum-selling debut, "Clear as Day." Before singing his "Idol"-winning song "I Love You This Big," the 18-year-old pointed up to the exact seat (section 401, row Q, seat 3) that he sat in before his show audition in the Bradley Center. "I was sitting up there, and now I'm down here singing for you," he said.

I've only posted the parts about Scotty but you can click on the link below to read the full article.

Scotty McCreery tweets a picture of him & Brad

@ScottyMcCreery Scotty McCreery
Man, this whole headlining tour thing @BradPaisley has going on is really giving him a big head! Check out the pic...

Scotty McCreery & Brad Paisley singing Celebrity

Turn your volume down the screaming girls might break your eardrums! Haha
Scotty is having a blast in this video! It is great to see him & Brad on stage together.
Credit to: hahahahthisisawesome

Scotty McCreery Updates, News, and recaps for 1/13/12

With so much posted today, and going on with Scotty.  I wanted to give you a recap of whats on here from today.

  1. Scotty was nominated for "New Artist Award" Scroll down to read that.
  2.  There is a chat Saturday (TODAY) WITH SCOTTY scroll down to find out information on where and what time.
  3. Videos from opening night are up.We will  be putting all videos into the tour tab up top for you, so they will be easier to find and view.
  4. Brad had Scotty sing Celebrity with him tonight on stage according to people on twitter. (Waiting for Videos!)
  5. There is a radio review worth listening to. Scroll down for it.

I think that about covers it. We had over 20 posts on here today, so there was a lot going on haha! Hope we got it all.