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UMG Nashville Tweets Congratulations to Scotty McCreery on Platinum

What does "Certified" mean, and what is the difference between Units shipped and Album's sold. This question keeps coming up in the comments here, so here is a little information to help explain it.

 According to the RIAA Site Recording Industry Association of America, an artist's record label will inform them of their intent to "Certify" a recording artist. The label pays for said certification, and bases this on following according to the RIAA

It’s probably worth taking a moment now to explain what we mean by ‘shipments’.  We collect data directly from the record companies, rather than from the stores that sell recorded music to the final consumer.  Hence, the term “shipments” as in “shipments from the record labels to the stores they supply.”  Since stores can return unsold merchandise, we subtract returns so the final data you see is a net figure (keep in mind sales and shipments are virtually the same thing for digital products).  Overall, “shipments” and “sales” are very similar, but we use the term shipments for accuracy.  A frequent question we get is whether our data represents the whole US market, or just the RIAA member companies?  Our aim is to describe the whole market, and we use independent estimates to account for the parts that are not created or distributed by the major record labels.

Historically, these reports have focused on sales of physical goods like records, tapes, and CDs.  As we moved into the digital era, the reports expanded to include digital downloads, mobile sales, and subscription services.  Now we’re seeing an explosion in new platforms for music listening like Internet and satellite radio, and social networks, where fans can listen to streams of music instead of buying them directly.  Traditional metrics of album sales and downloads no longer tell the whole story.
Additonal Certification Information:

Several different thresholds have been in use at different times and places for both album and single awards. Some of these were based on units sold and others on the value of retail sales. The first official designation of a "Gold record" by the RIAA was established for singles in 1958, and the RIAA also trademarked the term "Gold record" in the United States. On March 14, 1958 the RIAA certified its first Gold Record, Perry Como's hit single "Catch a Falling Star". The Oklahoma! soundtrack was certified as the first Gold album four months later. In 1976, RIAA introduced the Platinum certification, first awarded to Johnnie Taylor's single, "Disco Lady", and to the Eagles album, Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975).[1]

Like many record industry awards and rankings, the measurement is based on wholesale shipments to all types of retail outlets, and is not based on actual retail sales or financial transactions. As a result, an early award or ranking for a new release reflects only the distributor's market power expectations.[citation needed]
Certifications no longer apply solely to physical media.

Scotty & Judy McCreery trying to get home

Judy Cooke McCreery
JudyMacGarner Judy Cooke McCreery
Name that airport...we have a wee bit of snow..

Scotty McCreery
ScottyMcCreery Scotty McCreery
In DC tryna get home. -_- normally I love snow, but I'm tryna get home for the game tonight...

Scotty McCreery
ScottyMcCreery Scotty McCreery
Delayed in DC.. de-icing right now.. Just get me in front of a tv at 830 n I'll be cool.

Scotty and Blair Garner

@blairgarner Blair Garner
Great running into @scottymccreery today! HIS MOM IS AWESOME! Let's make our Garner, NC broadcast happen!

@JudyMacGarner Judy Cooke McCreery
Scotty with THE Blair Garner at the GAC offices in Nashville. Catch him After Midnight

Blair Garner is a radio host of the programs After MidNite with Blair Garner and The Blair Garner Show. I think Scotty's mom said something once that Blair Garner's ancestors are the ones that started Scotty's hometown Garner, North Carolina.

Scotty McCreery Clear As Day album Sales Week 1/9/12 Hits Daily Double

With 54% of album sales on Hit's Daily Double reporting Scotty's album sales are at #13, I think with the new year and the album out 3 months this is great! We'll keep watching out for final numbers, As you know Scotty McCreery's first debut album Clear As Day has been recently announced by American Idol judges as "Platinum" - Units shipped.  See Here or scroll down to read the earlier post regarding his "Platinum" status.

Taste of Country: Scotty McCreery Looking Forward to Watching ‘American Idol’ This Season

By: Billy Dukes

Between a Brad Paisley tour, media obligations and English tests, it would seem Scotty McCreery wouldn’t have much time to keep up with reality television, but the 18-year old says he’ll definitely be sitting down when the 11th season of ‘American Idol‘ begins on Jan. 18.

“You can count on that,” McCreery tells the Grand Rapids Press. While there could be a potential conflict with Paisley days falling on ‘Idol’ night, the high school senior has worked through that problem. “I’ll be on early … sing for 30 minutes and then go catch [‘American Idol’]. I’ll know exactly what they’re going through.”

McCreery also revealed his secret to success: confidence. And if you don’t have confidence, fake it. “I tried to not show the crowd I was nervous and do my best every week,” he says.

Paisley’s Virtual Reality Tour begins in Grand Rapids, Mich. on Jan. 12, and the Band Perry will also join McCreery as openers for dates lasting through March 3. Recently, McCreery won the Taste of Country Award for Best New Artist.

"Scotty McCreery Is Platinum" American Idol Judges Confirm!!!!!

From Eonline News.  American Idol Judges confirm "Scotty McCreery" PLATINUM ALBUM STATUS. We are all SOO SOO PROUD of you Scotty!! How amazing for you.. The article is a bit lengthy, so I will only post the parts that pertain to Scotty.  To read the rest click the link at the end of the post! CONGRATULATIONS SCOTTY!!

I'm sure a press release from the label will follow, when it does we'll post it.!

From Eonline
"When a reporter countered that Scotty McCreery wasn't exactly "coming out of the gate" career-wise, Jennifer Lopez was quick to defend this year's winner. "These kids are just starting out. Give them a chance," she pleaded. "Scotty is platinum! [A long career] takes time.""

This is from
The most recent "Idol" winner, Jackson would like to point out, is one of 2011's biggest music stars. "Scotty McCreery is now a platinum artist, which today is like selling 10 million records," he says. "I think the only three artists that are bigger are probably Adele, Rihanna and Gaga, if my numbers serve me correct."

Read more:

To those who don't understand twitter and want to tweet Scotty McCreery

It seems many fans out there are unfamiliar with twitter, or just don't understand it enough to bother.  Here are some instructions for twitter, how it works, and what to do.

1.) to register, (You need an email address to register)

2.) Create a twitter name (I'm a real stickler about not using your real full name on twitter) so make your user name something you'll remember, but I advice against using your "Real first and last name"  sorry I'm a Mom SAFETY FIRST  :)

3.) After you're all set up you can begin to "Tweet" you'll need to follow people and have people follow you first or you'll be tweeting to yourself basically. To do that, in the search area, see image below

you can search @ScottyMcCreery you will see on the side that his twitter page comes up, see images below