Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scotty McCreery another picture from rehearsal

Judy Cooke McCreery
Could listen to these guys rehearse all day...6 days until first show in Grand Rapids

Scotty McCreery "I Love You This Big" Cover

I don't usually post people singing Scotty's songs, sometimes if it's really good, or a sweet little child, but this is our servicemen covering "I Love You This Big" and something about it, to me, was special. I thought I would post it. 

To the three men in this video, thank you for SERVING OUR GREAT COUNTRY!

From The Video:
Me and the Boys got bored in the barracks and decided to cover this Great Song by Scotty McCreery I hope yall enjoy it.

And who could forget Scotty's first live American Idol performance "Letters From Home"