Friday, January 6, 2012

Are you still requesting Scotty at your local radio station?

Please don't forget the most important things we can do for Scotty, are vote online for his video, and REQUEST AT YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATION.

Here in the comments I am reading how a station said they didn't add Scotty to their play list because he isn't being requested. There are other variables that determine a stations play list, but requests are one.  So please make sure your still requesting Scotty at your local radio station. 

Remember to be polite, stick to stations in your area, and don't call over and over and over again. Dj's don't like that, and can bad mouth an artist on the radio, and we don't want that. 


Please and Thanks! <3

Taste of Country: Can You Guess the Artist in This Yearbook Photo?

By: Billy Dukes

A distinctive piece of jewelry could make this guessing game a no-brainer, but even without it one shouldn’t have much trouble identifying the country star in this yearbook photo. Take away the braces and a little of that dark brown hair, and … extend the ears a bit, maybe?

This singer had one of the best selling albums of 2011 and was the youngest male ever to top the Billboard charts with a debut album. He’ll hit the road with Brad Paisley in 2012, but he still plans to make time for more typical can’t miss dates, like his senior prom and final exams. His friends and fans admire that not much has changed since he became famous last spring.

Head on over to Taste of Country to see if your guess was right and if he looks the same now!

Practices start for the tour!


Starting off the day in school n ending it in nashville w/ rehearsals.. #goodday

Just walked into rehearsals N hearing the band rocking out.. getting pretty pumped!!!


In Nashville at rehearsals with Scotty n his band. MAN do they sound GREAT!!

Ripping' my heart out with Dirty Dishes..."I wanna thank u Lord..,"

Getting ready for the Paisley tour....can hardly wait...!


Time to break out Scarlett


Headline Shorty

The Shorty Awards Ceremony is held yearly in NYC, and is hailed as the Oscars of Twitter.

3rd Annual Shorty Awards Ceremony

The 3rd Annual Shorty Awards took place on March 28, 2011 at The Times Center in New York City.
The Shorty Awards culminate in a celebrity-packed ceremony with appearances from likes of Conan O'Brien, Kiefer Sutherland, Aasif Mandvi, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, Neil Patrick Harris, William Shatner, Jim Gaffigan, Shaquille O'Neal, MC Hammer, Stephen Wallem, and Miss USA & Miss Teen USA. Finalists and fans fly in from around the world to attend the event that has been called the Oscars of Twitter.

I think it would be fun to nominate "The Blue Crew" under the category "BaseBall

How to Make Nominations

  • To make a nomination, fill out the nomination form at or send a tweet like this: I nominate @TwitterUser for a Shorty Award in #category because... [must add reason here].
  • You can also tweet shorter nominations like this: #shortyawards @username #category [must add reason here].
  • Be as creative with the reason. A tweet without a reason for the nomination will not be counted.
  • The nomination must be relevant to the category.
Go here to find out more about nominations
There are awards called The Shorty awards, they're awards on twitter that generate a lot of buzz each year. To nominate Scotty or our Fansite haha! Go to and you can nominate Fans Of Scotty.

To nominate Scotty McCreery for a Shorty award go to  and you fill out the box and tweet it. Have your followers retweet it, lets get Scotty his first Shorty Award.  This is worth your time, as it does generate a lot of twitter and social media buzz.

Scotty McCreery "The ReMatch" Video

There is something obstucting our view of Scotty in this video, lol But it's fun to watch Scotty Win Hey In my Book he alwasy Wins!! :D

As you might notice I am currently changing the back wall paper to the site, it's difficult for me to tell what it looks like unless I save and view it, so please hang in there as I do this.  I really enjoy a picture of Scotty for the wall paper, but it applies it over and over and over, and really (for me) is just to busy. I wish it could be one single picture that doesn't repeat over and over.  Many fans expressed wanting to see Scotty with his award as part of the banner, which I am still trying to do. I think Scotty with his award as wall paper here is a bit over the top.  Everybody has different tastes, so it's difficult to please everyone, but I do want the fans to enjoy the site. 

I will keep trying out different ones today, sorry to be making things a bit difficult for you guys while we remodel!