Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scotty stops by the GPAC

Scotty along with his mom Mrs. Judy McCreery and sister Ashley McCreery stopped by the Garner Performing Arts Center today, Wednesday January 4th. According to the GPAC Facebook page it was for a video and some pictures.

Sales: Week Ending 01/01/12


It’s the first chart of the new year and it’s always a little scary for albums while being exciting for singles. HDD estimates were released yesterday... Scotty managed to stay in the top 15 on the BB200 and top 2 of Country for 3 months, but it’s time for those singles to help sell things, because HDD has him clinging to top 25 and moving down to 3 on Country.

Idol albums (from Idol Chatter)

21 Scotty McCreery “Clear as Day” 22K (-74%) Total: 856K (11)

From the comments section of Mj's:

25 25 SCOTTY MCCREERY The Trouble With Gir... 1498 1272 226 8.841
+25 Spins
-29 Bullet
+0.157 AI


53. The Trouble With Girls - Scotty McCreery

61. Clear As Day - Scotty McCreery

2011 Hawksbill Open

It's long, but very worth it. Scotty faced his friend Colin in the Hawksbill Open, with Kyle and Will commentating. Fun to see them all hanging out.

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