Monday, January 2, 2012

Taste of Country: This week's best tweets

According to Twitter, Scotty's dad went to Jared's. Out of that trip, Mrs. Judy McCreery gets a bracelet and Scotty gets a Taste of Country top tweet for the week.

By: Cristin Maher

With holiday celebrations and preparations for 2012 occurring throughout the past week, stars were busy keeping fans up to date with their doings. Now that it's 2012, Brad Paisley couldn't help but humorously address the ancient Mayan omen that the world will supposedly end this year. Leave it to this guy to make apocalypse rumors funny! Additionally, Blake Shelton finished off 2011 with a bang, while Justin Moore could hardly keep his eyes opened on New Year's Eve — we guess fatherhood will do that to you. Miranda Lambert did some deep cleaning to get ready for 2012, while Martina McBride celebrated the New Year at a family party. Finally, Kellie Pickler celebrated her one-year anniversary, while Wynonna Judd celebrated her engagement with an old-school photo of her and her fiancee. See what your favorite stars were chirping about this week!

Scotty McCreery (@ScottyMcCreery): Just got home n found out that Dad “went to Jared's” for mom. Got her a nice bracelet! #whataguy

Scotty McCreery Top Tweets of Dec 2011

Top Tweets of December 2011
By: Billy Dukes
One country superstar showed off pictures of her new puppy. Another showed off a picture of a bathrobe party. And Blake Shelton apologized for making somebody mad. On one hand, it was just another normal month in the country music Twitterverse, but on the other hand there is no such thing as a normal month when singers like Chuck Wicks, Scotty McCreery and Lady Antebellum are detailing the strange occurrences that are a regular part of their lives.

At the end of each month, we’ll compile a list of the best tweets from that month. Here are the best of the best from December 2011, beginning with John Rich, who pointed out that not everyone learned their lesson when he was kicked of an airplane earlier this month.

Scotty McCreery 7 yrs old playing little league

credit to: brunsondt11

Scotty McCreery - Garner looks back at 2011

Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011
A look back at 2011
Fame, football and freeways are among top newsmakers
For this town, 2011 was marked by a teenager's rise to fame, promises of growth, a popular new road and plans for a not-so-popular freeway, and a very good football team.
By all accounts, Garner had a big year. Here are some highlights:
Scotty makes it big
Scotty McCreery was a regular Garner High School student, singing in the school choir, pitching for the baseball team and picking up shifts at Lowes Foods after school.But when the country-singing teen won "American Idol" in May, his low voice and hometown values became international news. Along the way, Scotty, now 18, never passed up a chance to tell the world he's from Garner. He often wore his Blue Crew booster club T-shirt on "Idol." Since he won the show, Scotty has been busy. The "American Idols Live!" tour last summer took him around the country and beyond. Last fall, he made the rounds on the talk-show circuit for the debut of his album, "Clear As Day." The album has gone gold, selling more than 500,000 copies. And Scotty had the ultimate birthday bash in October to celebrate turning 18 - he hosted a concert at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek. Although his life changed so much, Scotty was determined to return to Garner and attend his senior year at Garner High, where he wants to play baseball this spring. Scotty has said the "Idol" producers were skeptical when he said he wanted to return to school. "They said it's impossible - there's no way you can go back to school," Scotty remembered last fall. "I said, 'Look, y'all don't know my hometown.'"

I've only posted the part about Scotty but you can read the full article by clicking the link below

Scotty McCreery Top 40 Country Songs - Jan 2012

22. Scotty McCreery – 'The Trouble With Girl

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