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Scotty McCreery Sings For President, Starts Christmas Vacation

Scotty McCreery Sings for President, Starts Christmas Vacation - Country Weekly via

Scotty McCreery Sings for President, Starts Christmas Vacation

Schools out for . . . well . . . Christmas break anyway! Scotty McCreery has signed off on his last final of his first semester at North Carolina State University and now he's headed home to Garner, N.C. And he's looking forward to it.
"That'll be cool to get home," he tells Country Weekly. "I've been touring throughout the year, and to have those days to be home and focus on family and friends, and reflect on the last year, it'll be fun. Mom will be baking. We're heading to Grandma's, too. I'm sure we'll have all kinds of good cooking that day."
Scotty shouldn't have a problem finding his way home either. It sounds like the McCreery house will be visible from quite some distance. "I'm not a Griswold when it comes to putting lights up or anything, but my mom and dad, they enjoy putting up lights," he says with a laugh, referencing the contemporary holiday classic National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. "We may have tamed it down this year, but last Christmas we had 15 to 18 trees around the house. They weren't all big ones. We had our main one and then we had ones in the windows and down the front steps and side steps. It got a little crazy last year."
Tonight (Dec. 21), Scotty makes an appearance on TNT's Christmas in Washington, the annual holiday concert held in the nation's capital. Joining Scotty in singing for President Obama will be Diana Ross, Demi Lovato and Korean pop star Psy.
"That was a highlight of my career so far," Scotty says of performing for the commander in chief at the taping of the special. "To look out there and see the president is a little different than seeing a normal fan out there. It was a little more nerve-racking, but a good time."
And Scotty even got to meet "Gangnam Style" phenom Psy. "He was interesting," Scotty deadpans. " I don’t know if he’s a country fan, though—you can’t dance like that in country music."

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  1. Scotty you were amazing tonight,so happy for you,and so proud.What a way to end the year,I could see why it was the highlight of your career.The whole show was awesome,You'll remember this for a life time.Merry Christmas to you.

  2. What a great show!

  3. On the West Coast - still waiting for the airing of Christmas in Washington,DC. I know you did us proud Scotty. One Proud McCreerian

  4. The show was pure class . Scotty was phenomenal as always he had a little more twinkle in his big blue eyes tonight . Love you so much Scotty .
    Diana Ross still sounds amazing .Chris Mann also .they all did a great job and I loved the choir . Now this was a wonderful show at least they appreciate a incredible singer like Scotty.

  5. Wow! That made CMA look amateurish. Scotty was fantastic. Loved his look, his voice, and his songs. Loved seeing part of his band perform with him. I wonder if they knew what great experiences they would have after signing on with Scotty. Made my day. Nana in Texas

  6. I saw it from 8-9 then they replayed it from 11-12. Great show
    Megan Hilty, Chris Mann, Diana Ross, and Scotty were all outstanding. Of course I couldn't take my ears and eyes off Scotty. His eyes were definitely twinkling even more tonight.

  7. Was a bit disappointed he had to cut the middle out of Mary Did You Know....but I understand ......... they all cut there songs for the final round. I think his performance was outstanding, and the President seemed to enjoy his 'Elvis' tune. Am about to see it the second time, here in Phoenix.

  8. Love your pic Scotty you look so handsome and love it that you said it was the highlight of your career because it will be one performance that you will never forget. You can be so cute doing these interviews. 1:18 I agree totally with you his look , well what can I say cutest young man ever, his voice phenomenal as usual just beautiful, and his songs were perfect and he nailed them both just absolutely AMAZING. Our Scotty is just one in a million in my book he is just perfect if I can say that. HA!!!! well have a good break Scotty my dear and you and your family enjoy the holidays . ILYTB SCOTTY.

  9. WOW!!! GREAT SHOW! Scotty loved the picture.YOU were so handsome like always. I'M so glad that you said that was your highlight of your career because this you can tell you kids,grandkids about it. that you will never forget ever. thanks to todd or you would have not gotten to be on these shows. tell him that I'M proud of him doing all can do to get on TV. you don't know how much I love you just the thought of you I start crying I think the rest of your fans feel the same we just can't get enough of you. you have made our world much brighter. you will be Special to me and rest of your fans. your songs were out-standing performance. you nail both of them. I love both of the songs they were absolutely AMAZING. ILYTB AND MORE SCOTTY. McCREERIAN FOR LIFE.


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