Friday, December 14, 2012

Scotty McCreery on the RIck & Bubba Show

Credit to: rickandbubba2010


  1. That song means so much to him. I bet his grandma loves it too since she lost her husband!

  2. That is a big country station in central Alabama. Great exposure for Scotty!!

  3. Yay Scotty, my song getting me through Christmas, has your ears been burning Scotty I have really gave your album a Big Talk every time I buy one I tell them they should get it its the best Christmas Album Ever. I was in Lifeway yesterday and there he was on the shelves and I was paying I told them I saw it on shelves and she hadn't heard it yet and I told her to get it and listen to this song that it was absolutely beautiful especially like me if you have lost a love one well I feel so close to my husband with this song and my daughter picked her up for lunch at work and she goes got to listen to my song for my daddy and we just feel like this song has touched us so much I feel as though we know Scotty through this song. One of these days we will meet him and his family. He is just so much like my 21 year old he doesn't look like him but he is one of these that is so humble and would take his clothes off his back to give someone in need. Well Scotty you did so dagum Amazing as usual. I have bought 14 of your albums so far and who knows I may get more your worth every penny I have spent to give these to my family and friends. Hey you kill it tonight for me. ILYTB SCOTTY

  4. If only the families in CT could have this song and his song about forgiveness at this time. All the radio stations should be playing it.

    From a CT grandma


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