Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scotty McCreery: 5 things to know about the country crooner

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- In early November, Scotty McCreery ran into basketball great and TV commentator Charles Barkley in an airport terminal.
Not only is McCreery a platinum-selling country crooner and the first "American Idol" winner born in the 1990s, he's also a massive North Carolina State fan – so he talked Wolfpack hoops with Barkley.
"He didn't know a whole lot about my music but the thing he told me about N.C. State basketball this year was interesting," McCreery, 19, says. "He said, 'It's different being the hunted instead of the hunter.' And I thought that was cool, because this is the first time in a while they've been relevant."
In October, McCreery did something artists as varied as Elvis Presley, Phil Spector, Death Row Records, Bob Dylan and Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland have done. He released a Christmas album. And McCreery's "Christmas with Scotty" was  hugely successful, already going gold. The LP include classics such as "Santa Claus Is Back In Town" and "The First Noel."
"These songs are timeless," McCreery says of the appeal of recording a Christmas album. "And it's your chance to put your stamp on songs that have been sung thousands of times, and Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year."
McCreery calls for this interview from his Raleigh apartment, taking a break from studying for exams. That's right: He's an N.C. State communications major Monday through Wednesday, and tours Thursday through Sunday.
Underneath the tree...his future
When he was 10-years-old, McCreery received an off-brand acoustic guitar as a Christmas gift. "Sweet Home Alabama" was one of the earliest song he recalls learning. "I was definitely playing it a lot slower than the record," he says.
The leader is also a follower
McCreery has over 650,000 followers on Twitter. But what celebs does he follow? "Blake Shelton cracks me up on Twitter. And  I follow Erin Andrews, she's really nice reporter for FOX Sports." A really nice reporter.
Hot Rod
On NBC's "15th Annual Christmas from Rockefeller Center," McCreery found himself appearing alongside a pretty formidable lineup of vocalists, including Rod Stewart, Cee Lo Green and Mariah Carey. He was particularly jazzed about meeting Stewart. "He's one of those timeless acts and has one of those iconic voices."
Sliding up the charts
Growing up in North Carolina, McCreery played on the high school baseball team as a pitcher. His outpitch was his slide. "That was what I lived on," he says.
Best birthday gift ever
Around the time he turned 18 in October 2010, McCreery found out his debut LP, "Clear as Day" would enter the album charts at number one – making him the youngest solo artist ever to do so. "That was a pretty cool 18th birthday present. We had a pretty big celebration out at the amphitheatre where I grew up, and played some songs for the folks there. And then we hit the road again, and got right back to work. It was a pretty big time promotion-wise, but we took time to celebrate."

Scotty McCreery with Paul McDonald
8 p.m. Dec. 13 
Where: Von Braun Center Mark C. Smith Concert Hall 
How much: $28-$42.50 
Details: 800-745-3000, ticketmaster.comvonbrauncenter.com, scottymccreery.com



  1. Lots of nice articles about Scotty! I was at "Michaels" its a craft store, here in Canada (originated in the states), anyway, waiting at the picture frame counter when I heard 'Christmas-Christmas and thought gee that sounds familiar and then all of a sudden Scotty starts belting out SCIBIT..he sounded so good! Just made me think how glad I am he released his Christmas album..great to hear his music in the stores!

  2. Nice article and so happy to hear someone heard Scooty while shopping. That is AWESOME.

  3. That is awesome I have been listening to 100.3 THE BEAVER, 99.5 WKDQ, 92.5 WBKR, and 97.7 and I haven't heard him yet on any of them here and I figured I would since one of them is got the opry show and the taste of country, I have heard Lady annabellium, Blake Shelton's but no Scotty and I am so disappointed and they have heard it in Canada. OOh I'm HOPING I have just missed him on any of those stations but I have listened to one or the other all day and I Have not heard one of his songs. I Love him this Big and I just want to hear him on radio. Tell me I'm wrong, please!!!!!

  4. Here's my reveiw of Scotty's concert at The Beacon I posted on Ticketmaster. They published it today. He has a lot of wonderful reviews. If you have seen him this year, please post your review on Ticketmaster. I also posted another review for his Springfield, MA performance and a review when he performed with Brad Paisley on Brad Paisley's reveiws at Bethel Woods, NY.

    5 out 5 stars Scotty was Awesome!!!! Beacon Theatre - Fri, Nov 23, 2012

    Posted 11/29/2012 by TorySC This Fan's Reviews:

    Seeing my favorite singer at my favorite theater was magical!! I hope Scotty returns to The Beacon soon. It is such a beautiful theater and the staff couldn't be nicer. It is a gem in NYC!!

    Speaking of gems, Scotty is Amazing!! I have seen him many times in 2012 because I love to see him live. He sounds as good as his albums. His concerts are well planned out and each song is unique. His voice is magical and he lights up the stage with such unabashed enthusiasm! He puts a smile on my face the entire time! I always feel very uplifted when I see Scotty! He just really connects with the audience and makes you feel good. His warmth and energy is contagious. His concerts keep moving along with one great song after another. His song choices appeal to a wide range of fans. He has something for everyone! He truly cares about the audience and wants you to have a good time. He is the only artist my family and I have or would ever see this many times! Scotty always sounds wonderful and his band is fantastic!! I have met the nicest fans at his concerts, too.

    People from 2 to 92 will love Scotty!!His album Clear As Day is well recorded and has such wonderful unique songs. Christmas With Scotty McCreery is terrific!! It is one of the best Christmas albums I have ever heard (right up there with the classics)!I love good music from all genres and Scotty is at the top of my list. He is truly delightful!! He always gives a 110%!! He is very warm, gracious, and respectful to his band, guests, and audience. He is worth every penny to see.

    I love that he invited Pia Toscano from Idol to sing with him and that he donated part of his ticket sells to Hurricane Sandy Relief. That's another reason why I love Scotty because he donates so much time and money to different causes. He is such a wonderful and talented person.

    Thank you Scotty and The Beacon Theatre for an outstanding and enjoyable evening In NYC with my family.

    Favorite moment: Scotty performing at The Beacon. The whole event was magical. I loved every moment!! I can't wait for him to perform there again!

    Setlist: All Clear As Day songs, but Clear As Day and That Old King James. Christmas With Scotty McCreery - Holly Jolly Christmas, Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, Santa Clause Is Back In Town, Winter Wonderland. Cover- Check Yes or No, The Dance, Letters From Home, That's Alright Mama, Gone, Man Of Constant Sorrow, and Trouble

    Opening Act(s): Pia Toscano and Jared Lee sang a song and Scotty sang with Pia. Scotty donated a check to charity for Hurricane Sandy victims. TorySC

  5. Here is my review on Ticketmaster for his Springfiled, MA concert.

    MassMutual Center,Springfield,MA Fri,11/16/12

    5 out of 5 stars

    Scotty McCreery was Phenomenal!!

    Scotty is always Fantastic, Wonderful, Spectacular, Incredible, and Marvelous all rolled into one!!! I have seen him many times in 2012 because he is sooo GOOD!! His voice is magical and he lights up the stage with such unabashed enthusiasm! He puts a smile on my face the entire time. I love all of his songs. His concerts keep moving along from one song to another and all of them appeal to a wide range of fans. He has something for everyone! He truly cares about the audience and wants you to have a good time. He is the only artist I have or would ever see this many times! Every concert I have seen of him is different - from outside with Brad Paisley to Vermont Fair to inside theater venues, and now to the Mass Mutual exhibit hall.
    Scotty always sounds wonderful and his band is fantastic!! Great Crowd for all ages "from 2 to 92" will love Scotty. His album Clear As Day is well recorded and has such wonderful unique songs and Christmas With Scotty McCreery album is terrific - one of the best Christmas albums I have ever heard!!He is truly delightful!! He is rock steady and you know you will get 110% every time!! He is worth every penny to see.

    Another outstanding and enjoyable evening listening to Scotty with my family at Mass Mutual Exhibit Hall.

    Favorite moment: Santas Back In Town, Xmas In Heaven, Dirty Dishes, Ltrs From Home, U Make That Look Good, Write My Number On Your Hand. Talking to the audience!

    Setlist: Clear As Day songs, Covers - Check Yes or No, Letters From Home, The Dance, Christmas with Scotty McCreery songs TorySC

  6. I just heard the DJ announce tickets for sell for Scotty at Wallingford, CT. This is on WEBE (pop station) owned by CUMULUS!!!! Does this mean the country stations owned by CUMULUS will play Scotty I hope this is a good sign that they have him rotation!!

    I want them to play Scotty on the radio!! I have only heard him twice on the radio. TTWG in Vermont and Upper CT radio stations not owned by CUMULUS!

    Come on CUMULUS please play my Scotty!!

  7. Scotty is at #12 on Billboard Chart. Its the best position since his debut week..he amazingly posted the same # of sales 41K; total sales 205K. Clear as Day sold 3,000; total sales 1.13M.

  8. Great news about Scotty!! I am sooooo happy for him. He deserves everything!

    I just watched some of X Factor tonight and they did an acoustic song, but it had a band and back up singers, etc. Nothing like Scotty sitting there with Matt playing guitar and singing so beautifully. When he sings Letter From Home and others, it just bring chills to me. He is so good. Until you see others do it you just can't believe how good he is. Instead of one song he does several acoustic songs in a row. LFH, CIH, part of the Dance, and when he goes to do radio shows, it is just the two of them. I know the DJ's are impressed with him. One day he sang WMNOYH by himself on air cold. My mouth dropped (and the DJ's)at how good he was. Wow!!! Scotty comes in with shorts, t-shirt, and baseball hat and knocks their socks off. He is truly amazing!!

  9. Which means what??

  10. The 11:36PM question/comment was meant for 10:09PM because I don't understand. Which did well? Both? Which one is ahead?? Sorry to be so naive.

    1. re: 10:09pm Should have said, Scotty's album CWSM is at #12 on the Billboard Charts and that's its best charting since its first week, and last weeks sales are the same # of sales, as the first week of release of the album, at 41K. The number of sales of CWSM to-date is 205K. The article I got this from if you want to go there is 'American Idol Stats Blog' it compares Scotty's album, Carrie U. and Kelly C.

  11. This is off topic...But I just watched, for the second time, the tribute to George Strait as the artist of the decade. Like many of you, I wasn't into country music till Scotty. I couldn't tell the names of their singers or songs. But I would watch the CMA's even tho I didn't know many people then, but I do remember hearing George Strait's name time after time being nominated for something and I can remember him in his hat in the audience. Well, when Scotty sang, probably my second favorite song on Idol, I CROSS MY HEART, wow, what a beautiful song and I went to the internet to hear GS sing it. I loved it and thought Scotty sang so beautifully, on an even par with George. It is still a favorite. Then when he did CHECK YES OR NO, I did the same thing and thought Scotty did that one as well. And on tour, as each show went along, Scotty was having so much fun with it. Love seeing him do that one still. And when he did GS's CHRISTMAS COOKIES, again Scotty knocked that one out of the park, even making that a Scotty song'. Tonight a lot of great singers performed a lot of George's songs, many not known by me. My favorites weren't done. But you can see why he was dubbed "The King of Country Music". He is so well loved and respected by everyone.He had all those stars come up and sing with him at the end and to see each one knowing his song so well really says a lot. I got teary eyed. Now, I may not live to see it, but my wish is for Scotty to have that title someday. I wish for him to have the long and illustrious career that this man has had. He is the epitome of class and humility, just as we see in Scotty. On the show LeAnn Rimes and Taylor Swift said he took them on their first tour as well as many others. That is the one thing I wish would have happened for Scotty, that on George's last tour he would ask Scotty to join him. It would have thrilled Scotty, and me too. But, anyway, I really believe Scotty can carry that torch and I think he is on his way!!!

  12. Nice article using a very old picture.
    Does anyone have some information conc the radio situation? I remember an announcement some time ago with a tre hour radio program something starting nov 27- but I never heard about it since. Sometimes you can read that a person has actually heard Scotty on the radio

  13. Great comments 3:03. I wish the same thing for Scotty. GS is a class act and so is Scotty. I can't believe TOC's best dressed list for 2012 didn't include Scotty, over HH. SCotty certainly was the best dressed at the CMA's>

    1. I agree whole heartedly. Cannot believe HH is on the best dressed list at TOC. He's got a too tight suit on, that would split I'm sure if he bent over, and to complete the look he's got ugly sneekers on (looking like he forgot to change his shoes)! I'm not bias but anyone with a sense of style and class knows Scotty is one of the best dressed always and another is Tim McGraw! Carrie U. or Taylor S. in my opinion are the best dressed women!

  14. I have to agree all round too. George strait is a class act. He always lights up a room as does Scotty. Oh Yeah, we have the next KING of Country developing right here.


  16. the old picture is wonderful?


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