Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tickets for sale: Scotty McCreery's Beacon Theater in NY

A fan has contacted me to let me know they have 3 tickets for sale to Scotty's Nov. 23rd solo concert in NY.  The information is listed below.  If you are interested in purchasing these tickets please send an e-mail to

 Here is the ticket information:

Section: orchestra center
Row: O
Seats: 101, 102, 103 (101 is an aisle seat)

I am offering those tickets for the exact price I paid: $192.00
($50.00 each, plus a $14.00 Ticketmaster processing fee per ticket)

I am asking the buyer to cover postage or overnight,
whichever they prefer...$4.50 USPS (cert.), $15.00 2-day delivery via UPS.

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