Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Scotty McCreery to stage Hurricane Sandy relief concert in NYC

Singer will be joined on stage by fellow “Idol” finalist Pia Toscano

By Phyllis Stark

Several of our recent posts this Thanksgiving week have been about artists’ good works on behalf of charities, and this one is no exception. Scotty McCreery has announced plans to turn his regularly scheduled Nov. 23 concert at New York’s Beacon Theater into a benefit show for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The show, originally billed as “Christmas with Scotty McCreery” (in support of his newly-released holiday album of the same name) is now being tagged as the “Beacon Theater Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief.” McCreery will donate a portion of the ticket sales to the charity World Vision’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working tackling the causes of poverty and injustice in nearly 100 countries around the world. Since the storm struck, World Vision has focused on providing assistance to communities in Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Yonkers and Coney Island in New York, as well as in Hoboken and Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey. 

In addition to McCreery’s ticket donation, World Vision will also be collecting donations onsite during the November 23 concert.

McCreery has invited his friend and fellow “American Idol” fan favorite Pia Toscano—a native New Yorker—to join him onstage at the Beacon.

“Being from North Carolina, I have seen firsthand what hurricanes can do,” McCreery says in a prepared statement. “After seeing the devastation caused by Sandy, I wanted to figure out a way to help. And given that we have a show at the Beacon Theater the day after Thanksgiving, I thought ‘Why not turn that New York show into a benefit?’”

Adds McCreery, “It’s fitting that the day after Thanksgiving we can all show how thankful we are to live in a great country where Americans help Americans in their time of need. So, I hope everyone will come out and support the Beacon Theater Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief. It will be a fun night and a grateful way for us all to kick off the holiday season.”


  1. He just absolutely amazes me with everything he does and everything he is, he is just and all around young man with the biggest heart ever. He is the most humble and caring guy that loves to give back and help those that are in need and these people will remember him for many years to come.I know because I was in a F4 Tornado and I will never ever forget what people did for us and we didn't even know them and it has touched our hearts forever. Scotty I am so proud of you, your just one in a million to give back a portion of what you make that night. God Bless You. ILYTB

  2. And I am sure God will bless him abundantly! Show us the way to go, Scotty!! ILYTB

  3. I must find a way to meet Scotty I do not know anyone at his age to do what he is doing and how he cares for other. Amazing

  4. OT but still about Scotty.

    Todd twit these:

    Todd Cassetty ‏@ToddCassetty

    Guess who will be performing on NBC's Christmas In Rockefeller Center next Wednesday night at 8/7C?!?!?

    2h Todd Cassetty Todd Cassetty ‏@ToddCassetty

    If you guessed @ScottyMcCreery, you're one smart Christmas cookie!


  5. I know I wrote up top but OMG are you serious WOW Todd THANK YOU THANK YOU for sending that tweet to us I don't know how to tweet or I would tweet ya back HA!!!!but I am so excited anything we can see on TV I want to see of SCOTTY MCCREERY. He has touched my life in so many ways and one of these days I am going to get to meet him. He is going to be in Nashville 0n the 7th which thats where I ususally go or Evansville, Indiana because both are an 1 hr. and the other 1 to 2 hrs depends on traffic but I'm not sure I was going to get to go, so I haven't gotten tickets yet. I have seen him in concerts but I want to meet him. Donna said she gave him a note at the NORTH CARALINA Best buy at his signing where I had wrote about my husband passing away and I always lit a candle in memory of him at our Relay for life here and it touched me that Scotty was doing that for them there. I did write Scotty several letters and sent them to him about everything that he has touched me when he sang ILYTB on finale and I know one of these days I will meet him, praying, I don't even know how you get meet and greets. Does anyone know how that works. He is just one amazing young guy although I'm older you just don't have any idea when someone is going to touch your heart forever with somrthing he has done. He has definitely touched mine for life. Well I am so proud for you Scotty. ILYTB

    1. 3:27 I also have been touched by Scotty . In a very different way I had an emergency gallbladder surgery my gallbladder burst and I was full of infection and spent 2 Weeks in the hospital with sepsis and wasnt sure I was going to make it . My sister bought the 5 song idol CD of Scotty from Walmart I listened to I love you this big and I felt like Scotty was singing it to me and cried everytime I played it I got stronger everyday . It was the first of July right after Scotty won idol . I went to this site everyday all day to see what my Scotty was Up to .I've followed and supported him since day one . 6 months later I had to have a hernia repair from the lack of healing from the infection from the gallbladder surgery .thank god I had Scotty and this site . I get over protective of Scotty I have went to several of his concerts and had the pleasure of meeting him and I could barely breath the tears stung my eyes and ran down my face . I was hoping I wouldn't make him feel uncomfortable he handled it like the perfect gentleman .I absolutely love and adore him .I know some of his other fans may not understand this bond that fans like you and I might have a deeper connection toward him . I'm always supportive and very positive when it comes to him . god bless you Scotty and the girls who run this site . Thank you I couldn't of done it without you.


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