Monday, November 12, 2012

Scotty McCreery Interview with Wzra Tv @ The Grove

credit: greekradioandtv


  1. Scotty is such a natural at interviews it is awesome.

  2. Todd, we really want a video so we have something to vote for, Please.

  3. You'e always so nice Scotty, very natural in all aspect, so very proud of you and missed you


  4. He is just one sweet and humble guy. Did you notice he said Scott McCreery instead of Scotty. I notice on his graduation stuff it said Scott. He must have went by Scott at home because I just now remember His teacher even had Scott on the play he was in in school. I know Lauren always called him Scott too. He is so down to earth on these interviews now and I just love listening to his answers and he just answers them in such a mature manner. Proud of you Scotty. ILYTB


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