Monday, November 5, 2012

Off The Record: Scotty McCreery

Country Aircheck is a weekly online publication covering country music charting news. Each issue they have an off the record feature covering an artist or radio personality. Scotty is this week's feature. Enjoy!

19/Interscope/Mercury’s Scotty McCreery puts an industry spin on the artist interview. 

I grew up listening to WQDR/Raleigh. It was and still is the only Country station to listen to back home. They pretty much dominate the Triangle area of North Carolina. Their staff supported me when 
I did small shows, long before I was ever on American Idol. When I was on the show they called it “Scotty 94.7.”
The first time I heard myself on the radio I had won Idol the day before and had to fly home to take an AP English exam. It was around midnight and we were driving through Garner heading to our house when 94.7 played my Idol finale single “I Love You This Big.” It was pretty wild to hear it on the radio for the first time and be with my family, in my hometown, after being in Hollywood for so many months. It was priceless. 
I’ll never forget the time we did a radio show concert at City Place in West Palm. We were with Sammy Cruise at WIRK. I think they were expecting 1,500 people, but the crowd was estimated at more than 8,000. The streets were packed and fans surrounded our bus. The police had to put me and my family in a cruiser and take us out the back way.
There’s no place like home, but I love Boston... Quincy Market, Red Sox, Boston Harbor. My dad grew up north of there in southern Maine. The whole area is just beautiful. 
If I don’t have my cell phone when I travel, I go insane. Gotta stay connected to my friends back home and my Twitter family.
The last purchase I made from Skymall was, well... I've never actually bought one, but those Big Foot statues look pretty cool. I'd love to stick one in my backyard and surprise my dad. He loves all those Big Foot documentaries. 
When there’s downtime you’ll find me playing Tiger Woods PGA Golf.
The best advice I ever got actually came from two different artists. I met both Garth Brooks and Lionel Richie in Las Vegas last spring. Garth told me I was smart to go to college and Lionel said, “When people build you up, remember to bring yourself back down.”

The complete issue can be found here:,%202012.pdf


  1. I just cry everytime someone does an article on this wonderful young man. He is so deserving of all good publicity he gets because he is still humble Scotty. Just adore him. Am hoping for big things with Todd Cassety. He has worked with Lady A, Reba and other big names. He is gonna soar this next year and hopefully we'll see him take the CMA award for some category. They should have a category for the cutest and best example for young people as well as a killer voice. He'd win for sure!!!

  2. Yes, me too it makes me happy knowing this family has worked so hard to where Scotty is today and he deserves this and more. He is one amazing young man and I wish they would make one more video on clear as day before this year is up so it can be out there maybe even on radio its funny how he was #2 and carrie was # 1 on gac and noone on radio thought it was good enough to play but we all know how hard he has worked this past year and the year of american Idol but he is Scotty McCreery working now and this whole summer with his solo concerts they never mention those and thats a Big deal. He has been out there with Brad Paisley plus doing his solo ones and he is just one in a million and how he does it is just being himself. We are so proud of this article and I know your album is going to be Big Scotty McCreery. We Love you this Big and more. ILYTB SCOTTY

  3. I don't believe the rumor that radio won't play Scotty's music because he hasn't "earned his dues". I remember when Carrie won, I heard her finale song the next day on the radio and from then on. Kellie Pickler was on the radio also. Neither one of them had traveled or played honky tonks, but they got their music heard on radio. I just don't understand the snub to someone as good as Scotty, personally and vocally. My heart swells when I read a review where someone actually writes something good about Scotty. He has paid his dues and then some.....come on radio!!! We the public want to hear his music.

    1. Country radio is just plain stupid!!!

      Jane Cash

  4. That was a great article....I love what Lionel Richies advice was to Scotty.....Scotty represents so well....GO SCOTTY GO !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please vote for Soctty GAC for CMA best dressed. janfan

  6. That was a great article. I love what Garth and Lionel give him on their advice. I love your comment at 10:29 I do to and I also cry how much I love him Cause he is so amazing young man.and his personality. they are gonna play his Christmas songs on the radio. when I don't know. I could look into it and find out. We all are very proud of you. On everything you have done so far. and WE all love you this big and more!!!! Scotty


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