Saturday, November 10, 2012

Helping our Military

 I know this isn't Scotty related but a good friend of mine has just now assumed the responsiblity of  this ministry at her church. I have had several family members and friends that are currently in the military or retired from the military so I think this is an awesome thing and wanted to help her spread the word about this ministry by posting it on this site.  Donna :)

Operation M’Brace is a nonprofit ministry created in a small church on the Texas Mexico border.  The idea behind it is simple, but important.  This ministry was created to pair one Christian with one active member of our prestigious armed forces, in agreement to pray for the safety of our troops. With a small donation of $10 the Christian will receive the name of a military member along with a bracelet, engraved with the soldiers’ name.  The minimal donation covers the cost of bracelet, engraving and shipping.  There is no profit made from this ministry.  

Many Christian’s already pray for the safe return home for our servicemen and women but this is a way to make our prayers much more personalized and, hopefully, a way to feel connected.  For the military member, the connection can often come as a feeling of comfort in a universe where comforts come few and far in between.  He or she may feel at ease knowing, someone, somewhere is lifting their name up to the Lord for protection and eternal blessings.  For the Christian, it is in knowing that one small deed, can greatly impact not only a person, but hopefully, an entire military to the greatest country on Earth.

We ask that you visit the website at to help in this simple idea, in any way you can. Military members can add their name to the prayer list, free of charge. But what is equally important; we ask that you spread the word with whomever you know, in every way possible. We have a Facebook page that is currently under construction but feel free to “like” it as well as follow our twitter account @opmbrace.  We will be posting motivational verses or quotes and keep you updated, to the best of our ability, how many soldiers have been reached and how the ministry is doing. 

Thank you for your time and cooperation. 

God Bless you, our servicemen and women, and our country.


  1. that is very nice for them to do that i'm retired disable vet and it is real nice

  2. Donna,

    Thank you so much for posting this letter. Wonderful!!

    I posted the lastest concerts of Scotty singing Letters From Home, The Dance, That's Alright Mama, and Gone on YouTube. Scotty sounds amazing as always.

    Letters From Home is one of my favorite songs by Scotty. He really puts his heart into that song. It makes me tear up and gives me goosebumps when I hear him sing it.

    My son's school just had their Veteran's Day Program yesterday and the kids could bring their loved ones who were in the military to be honored with beautiful songs by the kids. They asked the vets questions and we just had the most lovely time. My father who fought in the Korean War couldn't make it this year, but my son carried the Air Force flag in his honor. It was a very special two hours. What an honor for all the fathers, mothers,and grandfathers to share with their 4th and 5th graders. Truly a blessing.
    Scotty Youtube uploads from this weekend:

    By dvmjess Pullman, WA - Beasley Coliseum November 9, 2012

    By clintlake92:

    By ThatGalNamedLauren Pullman,WA - Beasley Coliseum November 9, 2012

    By sogibby at Wenatchee :

    Love to all the veteransm,


  3. My son is a retired Army tanker (received Bronze Star in Desert Storm) who now works for the Army's Wounded Warriors Program in DC. He will be delighted to hear of this. I will certainly join in this effort. From a Scotty Grandma fan from CT


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