Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CWSM Album Sales Predictions (Nov 5-11)

Updated with FINAL numbers:
LW TW artist/ album label power index


  1. Yeah! CWSM up from "20" to "12" onward and upward we go!!! 13,294 - does that mean a total of 95,486??? and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.

  2. Its starting to look a lot like A Gold Album!!! :-)

  3. Here in CT Walmart is out of CWSM,Best Buy had about 12. I was at Costco tonight and they displayed all their Christmas cds together. They had stacks of Rod Stewart, and many M. Buble, Lady A, B. Shelton, but only 4 Scotty. I didn't know they had Scotty. I was excited to see it. They had it for $9.99 instead of $11.88 at Best Buy. I hope these stores get more in because it's still very early and it's getting harder to find. I haven't been to Target yet so am curious go see what they have. He wasn't advertised in their flier like other Xmas albums-maybe this week. I glad to see the figures. I just sent another to my niece in college. She wanted to play it at her sorority.

    1. Love your post. Love hearing how Scotty's Christmas album sales are going. I am in CA and at my Target they have BS, and Scotty's albums on the back isle towards the wall. I wanted to pull the whole rack to the front isle, but not possible. I keep thinking of more people to buy for. We went to our Costco and we couldn't find CWSM, but will check next week. This album is so fantastic; can't stop playing it, especially in the car. Can't pick a favorite, but love Scotty's rendition of Jingle Bells, Holly Jolly Christmas and Santa Claus is Back and Town (sounds like Elvis and I am an Elvis fan). Love Mary Did You Know. Scotty is the greatest and he outdid himself with this wonderful Christmas album. Way to go Scotty.


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