Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas with Scotty McCreery tonight at Beacon Theatre in NY

Christmas with Scotty McCreery


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Venue: Beacon Theatre

Friday, November 23, 2012 5

About the Show

The platinum-selling teen and former "American Idol" champ will hit the Beacon stage on November 23 at 5:30PM!


  1. I love the way, Scotty's appearance is advertised...first and foremost a platinum-selling teen then AI champ! I've heard the Beacon Theatre is a beautiful spot and so nice of him to have Pia who's from New York as his guest, and also that its turned into a benefit show! Way to go Scotty!!!

  2. Your just sooo amazing Scotty. I wish so bad this was on TV somewhere where we could have seen it. Am I wishing too much. I just can't hardly stand it to see if they are going to sing together. :):):):) ILYTB SCOTTY !!!!!! And to make it a benifit concert OMG he is just the most humble and caring guy out there I just really do LOVE HIM THIS BIG WITH ARMS OPENED WIDE.


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