Friday, November 2, 2012

Ashley & Mike McCreery share a picture from last night

Out on the town with at the CMA after party!


  1. What a beautiful sister our boy Scotty has.

    1. I agree. They both look amazing! Scotty was cute as always! Awesome suit he had on last night! I was so happy to see him. I was shocked!

  2. The McCreery family have a sense of good taste and dress accordingly. Good job! Ashley IS beautiful and so is her dress. Everyone should be able to experience what it is like having a Dad like Mike McCreery. The best! Scotty looked very, very handsome on the Red Carpet and presented himself as what he is.....a gentle man! Very proud of him under these circumstances, I know it was not easy. Missed seeing Judy who is the mastermind behind the scenes, I am sure. I just think the world of this family. God's chosen disciples. Thank you.

  3. OH MY SCOTTY, you have a real job on your hands----keeping the girls off of you & the guys off ashley,WHAT AN ADORABLE FAMILY----mj in tx

  4. You both look so good. Your dress Ashley love it and for that brother of yours ,well Mike all I can say is its going to be hard like the lady said, to keep all the girls off Scotty, he looked so handsome last night. Just an amazing young man.Very grounded , and growing up in front of all of us. Love it. Very proud of him. ILYTB SCOTTY

  5. What a beautiful girl Ashley is!! Scotty was so handsome in that suit last night!! He made the show for me, (I watched it just to see Scotty)!!! Mike and Judy, you have a beautiful family and we all love you so much.

  6. Ms. Judy and Mr. Mike you have such adorable children and I just love the way the get along so well with each other. Scotty you looked so handsome and Ashley you looked astonished. I love the long and curley hair that you was sporting last night Scotty. I pray that you will keep it long, because it is time for a change. God bless all of you. GRANDMA IN TX.


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