Thursday, November 15, 2012

6 Questions with Todd Cassetty

By Tom Roland

In his role as Hi-Fi Fusion president, Todd Cassetty has established one of the most prominent digital marketing companies in Nashville’s music business. The firm has worked with the likes of Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts and Country Music Broadcasters, the organization that gave Cassetty his first music job. Hi-Fi Fusion is also responsible for many—well, most—of the vote-solicitation emails that appear during balloting season for the Country Music Assn. and Academy of Country Music Awards. Cassetty has expanded on his business, executive-producing numerous TV specials, including NBC’s 2010 Thanksgiving offering “Speak Now—Taylor Swift.” In his latest venture, he formed Cassetty Entertainment and signed Scotty McCreery as his first management client.

Why did you want to go into management?
It’s always been something I wanted to do. Management is the intersection of multiple experiences and skills, and the wearing of many hats, and I feel like I’ve done a lot of different things in my career so far. So I feel like it was the natural next step for me, and it really interests me. I’ve just been waiting for the perfect opportunity and the inspiration to take the plunge, and 
Scotty McCreery was definitely that.

Why did you want Scotty McCreery as your first client?
I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for about a year-and-a-half now in varying capacities through my other business ventures and have just really gotten to know him not just as a person—because he’s just a good, good guy—but also from a professional standpoint, seeing the fan reaction to him and his growth as a performer onstage, and I just think he’s firing on all cylinders. There’s so much opportunity out there for him, it’s exciting. I’ve been telling people, “A lot of 
times you stay up late worrying about things that are negative.” I stay up late worrying about all the things that we can do for Scotty, and it’s exciting and just energizing to work with such a talented young man.

What’s it like trying to map out a career for someone who still has to take midterms?
It’s a challenge, but a worthwhile challenge. He wants to keep one foot in the country music world and one foot in some semblance of a normal existence, and so far it’s worked well. You can do anything. You’ve just got to be creative.

Is there another executive or two that you think of as a role model in management? And why?
There are some great managers in this town: Clarence Spalding, Ken Levitan are all guys that I really respect and admire, and I think I’ve looked  at their careers from afar and thought, “That 
looks like fun.” So that’s a large part of what inspired me to take this step. They’ve taken some midlevel artists and turned them into A-level artists more than once, and I admire that.

Is there an artist or an event that inspired you to pursue the music business?
I’ve always loved music. My father [Tom Cassetty] was actually the manager of WSM [Nashville] back in the ’80s, so I grew up seeing some of the greatest country atists of all time perform on the Grand Ole Opry, and if that doesn’t motivate you, not much will. I remember having to go to the Opry on weeknights when he would be meeting with clients, taking them 
backstage at the Opry, and having to sit up late and watch Marty Robbins perform for an hour after the Opry went off the air. At the time, I probably didn’t appreciate that, but in retrospect, I got to see some amazing things at a very young age, and once it gets in your blood, there’s no turning back.

What’s the first recorded music you ever bought?
I’ll tweak it for you a little bit. The first I ever had, I won at a radio station remote, and it was the Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” How ’bout that for a random answer? But it’s one of those 
classic records that I still love today. I remember getting to pick a record out of a bin at a radio remote. That’s the one I chose, and it was a monster. It was probably one of the first big rap 
hits ever, if not the first.


  1. ..

    nice article.He seems like a smart man,and I think he is a good manger for Scotty,He'll do all he can to get Scotty out there in the public eye.Good luck to them both.

  2. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Scotty. I believe we are going to see some amazing things (even more so that we have already seen). I just love this guy and I'm so excited to be a fan of his. He is the highlight of my life! He is just so blessed with so much talent and personality that he can't go wrong no matter what he does. I just love how he lets us know so much about his life. The magazines that come with his CDs are so informative as far as his life. I try to read everything I can about him. TRULY AN AWESOME ARTIST AND PERSON!!!! Just can't even put it into words.

    1. ME TOO CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR OUR YOUNG MAN. I KNOW IT'S GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE FUTURE FOR Scotty. I agree with you for the rest. he is for sure out of this world great person. ILYTB and MORE.

  3. Yes he seems like a very smart man, I too can't wait to see what his plans are for Scotty because you can tell he really is very impressed with him. Scotty just is one in a million. I just love love him as an artist I listen to his tapes all day long and the more I listen that voice omg his voice is one of a kind and these people that haven't really listened to him well they are missing out all I can say. His Scotty and that's why we love him he is just one amazing artist and I feel in this interview that Todd knows that. He is going to be on top one of these days and Wow i'm already smiling but Hey I will never be able to wipe it off. HA!!!!Well Scotty Love you and I am one proud McCreerian. ILYTB

  4. It seems that Todd Cassetty has a good working background to be able to promote Scotty to the level that was intended for such a great talent. Let's all offer up prayers of strength,courage,committment and challenge for Todd to catapult our boy to the stars!!! BTW when is radio going to start supporting this fantastic singer? All the newbies are getting their chance, Jana Kramer, Kacy Musgrove, etc.........when is Scotty's chance coming?

    1. the QDR country for kids coming up on the nov 27th Scotty along withs the other 5 performers are going to be heard on 20 radio stations and also televised on Werner Turner Television Stations.

  5. I like that his Dad worked in radio. Maybe Scotty can get on Cumulus Radio. It kills me to listen to our one and only country station here owned by Cumulus and never hear Scotty, but hear a lot of other new artists and Scotty can sell out larger venues and headline shows. I just want to hear him on the radio - what's wrong with Cumulus. Todd will hopefully fix this. Come on Todd make me happy and most importantly, Scotty deserves it.


  6. scotty in country weekly Nov 19 th issue,with allen Jackson on the front cover.He is N0.8 on the top ten sexiest country men.Really nice picture,and write up with the picture.Also his Christmas album was No 2 ,it said for wek ending Nov.3rd.

  7. I have mentioned many times that I listen to Music Choice, Today's Counntry on cable t.v. everyday and they have played Scotty from the start and I love that they play all three songs. This afternoon I turned it on and the second song started and with those first three notes you know it's ILYTB. I still love hearing that song and to recognize it right's just special. Todd hopefully will get him on radio soon. But I sure want something new to vote on!!!

  8. Just listening to GAC's Headline News and they were promoting Lady A's Christmas album and special coming up. And Hillary talking about recording in 100 degree heat in Nashville and decorating the studio etc. Sounds so familiar. Hope GAC gives Scotty the same coverage on Headline News. Scotty may have gotten a lot of help starting out, being launched from AI, but he sure is having to work especially hard to get the attention he deserves. Hope Todd will make things happen. Hope CWSM sales will jump enormously as we get closer to Black Friday.

  9. Not to sound negative but he has not done any thing so far.Every thing Scotty is doing has been booked for months except for the GAC special.HE needs to promote this cd more such as on the Ellen show or GOOD MORNING AMERICA or a late night show.There is no news for a tour or even solo shows except for the few that has already been booked.Just wondering if Scotty plans to take another 3 months off so he can work on new cd.I hope not could really hurt him if this is what he chooses to do.Todd also needs to get radio involved with this Christmas cd.I guess we have to wait and see.

  10. He is working hard and I think he has worked harder than some of these already on radio. I think just because of all the awards he won that was fan base and that should tell all of them somrthing he is one amazing young man and he needs to be on ther just like all the others you know jana mentioned in her interview she thought it had been hard for her just because she was an actress well she is all over the radio and media. I think they should have gave watertower town a chance but noone has except GAC, THANKS GAC


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