Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Young Fans show their support for Scotty McCreery tonight

These young girls gathered around the side stage area and were loudly chanting "SCOTTY,SCOTTY" in hopes that he would come back out and see them. They were just to adorable to not take a picture of! They asked me if I would go back stage and "stalk" Scotty for them and make him come out to see them! If only I could!
Even the young girls showed their Scotty enthusiasm by sporting homemade t-shirts at the Dorton 
Arena tonight

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  1. Adorable!!! They are all darling! So much fun for Scotty. They all have great taste in our humble, very talented, and kind young man. Thank you for taking the pictures. It looked like a wonderful crowd! Scotty is setting a great example kids - school then sold out concert two nights in a row - no problem. It's all good!! OMG I love, love, love him!!!!!


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