Saturday, October 27, 2012

Video of Scotty McCreery on ENews

Credit to: scottymfacts


  1. I bet it's hard to sleep on those beds,I guess it could get pretty bouncy in there when the bus hits potholes ,or rough roads.i'm sure they have to put up with a lot of discomforts while traveling.He's one lovable guy thats for sure,that was cute. I just love watching all the news on Scotty.

    1. AGREE WITH YOU.Thank's donna for posting. Scotty and his band have a great time on the bus. That is fabulous that he Care's about us so much to show us the inside of his tour bus,What he does on it.It's good that he gets his rest on the road. He is so Lovable that is adorable cute.

  2. Donna thank you so much for posting this video
    When looking at that Bus all I can think of is Scotty’s Mom Amazing
    To think of Judy on that bus and his Family what is know
    As turn love

  3. Looking at those pictures of Scotty dressed as Elvis (a little guy with a dream) is so fitting! And look where he's at today! Amazing, what can happen when you hold on to your dreams as Scotty has done! Those pictures are priceless!!!

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