Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tracking the success of CWSM

Excerpted from the Hollywood Reporter:
By Fred Bronson

Season 10's McCreery has three new No. 1s, all thanks to his first holiday album, Christmas With Scotty McCreery. The set opens in pole position on Top Holiday Albums and Top Internet Albums. The lead single from the album, “Christmas in Heaven,” bows at No. 1 on the Holiday Digital Songs tally. These three new No. 1s, added to McCreery’s previous seven, bring his total of chart-toppers to ten.

McCreery now joins [Adam Lambert] in the top ten [among all Idols with the most No. 1 songs] (see current ranking below):
Kelly Clarkson 79
Carrie Underwood 65
Chris Daughtry (Daughtry) 39
Fantasia 31
Ruben Studdard 16
Jennifer Hudson 15
Mandisa 15
Clay Aiken 12
Adam Lambert 10
Scotty McCreery 10
Being No. 1 on Holiday Digital Songs is just part of the good news for McCreery on that chart. In addition to “Christmas In Heaven,” McCreery has six other songs from his seasonal set debut, including “Mary Did You Know?” (No. 18), “Let It Snow” (No. 31), “First Noel” (No. 38), “Christmas Comin’ Round Again” (No. 39), “O Holy Night” (No. 43) and “Santa Claus Is Back in Town” (No. 49). That means seven of the 11 tracks on the album are charting on Holiday Digital Songs.

Tweets from IdolsNow (@idolsnow), an account that tracks the chart successes of all AI contestants:

BREAKING NEWS: SCOTTY McCREERY's "Christmas In Heaven" debuts at #1 on the Holiday Digital Songs chart. @ScottyMcCreery

BREAKING NEWS: SCOTTY McCREERY's "Christmas With Scotty McCreery" debuts at #1 on Top Holiday Albums. @ScottyMcCreery

SCOTTY McCREERY's "Christmas With Scotty McCreery" debuts at #2 on Top Country Albums. @ScottyMcCreery

SCOTTY McCREERY's "Christmas With Scotty McCreery" debuts at #4 on The Billboard 200 album chart. @ScottyMcCreery

With 3 new #1s, SCOTTY McCREERY's total of Billboard #1s increases to 10. He's now tied with ADAM LAMBERT.


  1. YAY, YAY, YAY that is remarkable its what we want to see SCOTTY MCCREERY in BOLD LETTERS that is absolutely amazing. Scotty we are so proud of you. Your doing Great Scotty just keep on doing what your doing and I tell you you are going to be right up there with all those Big Artist your already there in my book. ILYTB

  2. Wow!!! Listen up naysayers who thought Scotty should have never won American Idol. He is a winner in every sense of the word, we McCreerians as well as Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez knew it all the time but soon EVERYBODY is going to know it. He has the goods, the "IT" Factor, X Factor, whatever you want to call it!!!!!

    We love you so much, Scotty!!!!! Congratulations again!!!!

  3. How wonderful!! Good for you, Scotty! I really have enjoyed CWSM. It is my favorite Christmas album. Thank you, Scotty! Your voice is so amazing. I can listen to your CDs all day long! ILYTB!! Grandma in TX

  4. I love every song on CWSM I'm a little surprised that "Jingle Bells" is charting. Scotty's version is great!!!

  5. I love Scotty's take on Jingle Bells....let's face it.......I love every song on the Christmas album. His voice is so rich, full, soothing and beautiful. Not a day goes by that I am not listening to this CD. I have Christmas In Heaven running through my brain. I am so happy that this album/songs are charting. I only wish he was at the top of that list, but that takes time.Considering that the release was just a little over a week ago it is doing fanastic!!!! Come on Platinum!!!!!

    1. Love Scotty's version of Jingle Bells. Best version I've heard....with that voice and arrangement...Wow!

    2. Yes, the very best version. I listened (ok jammed and sang) to it on my way home from work. I always come home in the BEST mood. I hope many, many others listen and buy it so they can feel joyous! I love love Jingle Bells because it has never been a favorite of mine, but it now is one of my top picks. I can't wait to see him at The Beacon and MA shows!!!

  6. Remember everyone keep voting for Scotty for a Peoples Choice Award!! He deserves it!! Christmas With Scotty McCreery is such a beautiful album!! I loved Clear As Day as well. He deserves a Peoples Choice Award!!

    1. I am voting like crazy in all the ones that apply!!!!

    2. Yes!!! Please vote for Scotty at People's Choice Award. In the category that belongs to Country,and all the ones that apply, if Scotty's name is not there, put his name on "Other", add the song or album's name too. Let's do it Scotty's fan, the Mccreerians.I vote everyday and you can do it too. Let's do it all over again. Delaware Grandma.

  7. People's Choice 2013 - *Unlimited Voting* *Write-ins are important!*
    Round 1 Oct 24-Nov 15 Vote *only* for Scotty KEEP VOTING!!!

    Favorite Country Artist -- VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! MUST WIN!!! **Unlimited Voting**
    To Revote, click Back Arrow, click Refresh so: Scotty, Vote, Back, Refresh

    These 5 Polls: Check Other, Key in: topic, click Cast Your Votes, Back, Refresh

    Favorite Male Artist Key in: Scotty McCreery

    Favorite Album Key in: Clear As Day (*not* CAD)

    Favorite Music Fan Following Key in: Scotty Fans - Scotty McCreery

    Favorite Song Key in: I Love You This Big (*not* ILYTB)

    Favorite Music Video Key in: The Trouble With Girls (*not* TTWG)

    See ***Scotty VOTING*** Every Day to Vote All Polls

  8. Hello everyone we have got to get Scotty nominated in the first round, and then the final one. We cannot not let up on this voting. I want him to win this because he works for hard for his fans and we love Scotty so much. God love U and so do I. He deserve this award. As far as I'm concerned he have already won this award in two catagories. LUTB. GRANDMA FROM TX. God be with U in everything that U do.

  9. Hello everyone! You are right about getting Scotty nominated in this first round. We got to do this for him he does deserve it so much. because he does work hard for us. I want him to win one too, We do Love him so much, If I could I would move heaven and earth for him to be nominated. you do deserve this big time bud. GOD WITH BE YOU CAUSE HE LOVES YOU AS MUCH WE DO. you are so Sweet.


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