Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The McCreery's share tweets from the NC State Fair

Is this a first? Live proposal on stage in Dorton at the concert.

So great seeing all my twitters friends the last 2 nights at the concerts in Raleigh. Thanks for the kind words and support!

 Mike McCreery ‏@MikeMGarner See @ScottyMcCreery in concert, help @linds_elmore and @Mitch_IMightBe get engaged. Then win @ashleymccreery2 a bear! #greatnight

My sweet dad won me this cute bear playing the water guns👍 Any name suggestions?


  1. Ashley, I think you should call the bear Valentino...because of all the hearts.

  2. I like just plain ole "TEDDY"

  3. Name him Mikie..... after your Dad Ashley!

  4. I was thinkin' maybe it's a female bear......"Dori" for Dorton Arena

  5. 11:28 your thinking like me I was sitting here trying to think of something from this special night of Scotty's and I love what they came up with DORI because this was his Big Night for all of you all. I mean even for the band and bus driver I thought those interviews about our Scotty came from the heart so Ashley Dori.

    1. I think you should name it Alfred!!!!!!!! Kind of random. I am 12 years old and Bob, Fred, And Alfred are all good names to me!!!!!!!

  6. Ashley, I like the name Dori for your bear, but "Love" is a good name also. I wonder if you even read these If so, let us know what you decide to name the bear.


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