Wednesday, October 3, 2012

some twitter news about Scotty McCreery

 I seen these on twitter and thought I'd post them here

Susan ‏@Scotty_Jonas
@ScottyMcCreery will be signing his Christmas albums at Best Buy in Garner on October 28th. Really hope i can go this time

 Helen Wrenn‏@HelenWrenn

@JudyMacGarner I read Scotty is singing the National Anthem on Oct 8th at NCSU. What's the event?


  1. Posted in error/removed. Scotty sang the National Anthem at NCSU on Oct 8, 2012. He is not scheduled to sing this Oct 8.

    1. I meant to say Scotty sang the NA at NCSU on Oct 8, 2011 (not 2012).


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