Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scotty McCreery will be on QVC Tuesday at 2:00

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AnonymousOctober 19, 2012 2:45 PM

I don't know where to put this so here goes (from idolforums)
QUOTE(ptebwwong @ Oct 19th 2012, 1:10 PM)

Here's what QVC can do for an artist's sales:

Susan Boyle sold 80,000 albums of I Dreamed A Dream from appearing on QVC. Donny & Marie sold 11,000 albums for a half hour show on QVC. Also, Clay Aiken (S2 Idol runner-up) sold 15,000 copies of his album after an appearance on QVC.

Josh Turner did QVC. Also it will introduce him to people who may never have heard him before. (Those that have been under rocks for almost two years.)

Watch Scotty LIVE on 10/23/12 at 2PM ET!


Scotty McCreery "Christmas" and "Clear As Day" 2 CD Set

QVC Price: $23.00

America fell in love with Scotty McCreery and his remarkable voice when he first appeared on American Idol in 2011. McCreery's debut CD, Clear As Day, shows off his impressive country singing style. For festive fun, the second CD in this set includes 11 favorite holiday tunes such as "Let it Snow" and "Winter Wonderland."
  • Includes Christmas CD and Clear As Day CD
  • Scotty McCreery
  • Approximate run times: Christmas 35 minutes; Clear As Day 38 minutes
  • Made in USA$uslarge


  1. OOH ooh ooh, Scotty McCreery you are going to get one in a million with promoting your CD's on here. He is just doing wonders isn't he everyone? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT> I can't keep from getting on here because I'm afraid I'm going to miss something. He is just goin places and I LOVE IT and I love him being busy just like he loves him being busy HA!!!I am just so excited for him. Just love him to pieces. Congrats on everything your doing Scotty. ILYTB

    1. Ditto
      He is wonderful and glad that so many people will see him on QVC.

  2. This QVC thing is a big bah boom for Scotty. Great publicity! So glad for him !!

  3. Now I want to see him on PBS promoting his CDs!!! We will hope that since radio chooses to ignore him that TV will be doing major promoting for him with his help. I love it !!! We will get to see him more and he will get air time. It's a win win WIN!!! Time to dance a jig or a gangnam dance around the computer. Glad I don't have skpe!! lol You Go Scotty!

  4. This will be BIG for Scotty. An awful lot of people do all their shopping on those home shopping shows. I have read where some people never shop anywhere else. And hearing Scotty many new ones will want to hear him. This is exciting!!! Radio, you don't. know what you're doing.

    1. 10:17. TV seems to be much more powerful than radio and I´m loving Scotty getting exposed on TV. We don ´t have QVC in my country and I´d never heard about it and thanks to you I finally got a grip of what QVC is. THANK you <3

  5. This is just great. Hey, gals, if you are like me and have be at work on the 23rd......QVC can be picked up live on the computer. (get permission from your boss, first.) LOL

  6. Just saw where Scotty's Christmas album is sitting at 37 on I-tunes today and "Christmas in Heaven" at 796 on the I-tunes chart... keeping in mind this is only October! Wow! Not bad at all!

  7. This site is the tops---thanks for all you do---

    1. Thank you for visiting the site - we all appreciate it


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