Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scotty McCreery Ushers In The Holiday Season with New Christmas Album

Christmas came early this year as releases his new holiday album [VIDEO]

 Interscope Records
Just the name Scotty McCreery makes girls everywhere squeal with joy! And this time, its Christmas joy.
Children’s Hospital Welcomes American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery!
American Idol winner Scotty has the soulful country voice that every one fell in love with during the 10th season in 2011. The 19-year-old announced his new Christmas album Christmas With Scotty McCreery in the summer, and it’s finally out in stores now! Check out the track listing below and go get some of Scotty’s Christmas charm in stores now!
Holly Jolly Christmas
Santa Claus Is Back In Town
Mary, Did You Know
The First Noel
Christmas In Heaven” (original)
Christmas Is Coming Around (original)
Winter Wonderland
Jingle Bells
Let It Snow
The Christmas Song
O Holy Night

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  1. I didn't know where to post this but I'll post here. Regarding Billy Dukes review of Scotty's CWSM.I read not only Blake's review but a couple other reviews of other albums coming out, not Christmas.He reviewed top stars like Jason Aldean and Blake and, like Scotty's review, he had good things to say but he also had some criticism for them and Bucky Covington, esp. If anything, you'd thought he would have raved bout Blake's since he is this big star. When you think about it, he is a crtic and that's what he gets paid for. If he gave rave reviews all the time, he probably wouldn't have a job. Being Scotty fans, we don't agree, but maybe we miss something sometime. I thought he deserved a better rating.The other thing I wanted to say is when Scotty was on Idol. he got a lot of negative comments on covering certain songs. I got tired of reading that he's no Josh, He's no George, no Tim ets. Or that no one should sing 'that song' but Garth or George etc. It irritated me. But now I have to change how I feel about such comments because I have heard a lot of people covering ILYTB and one was a young man trying to break into the business and he was good, nice voice but 'he's no Scotty'. I caught myself saying. In my eyes that is HIS song and no one should try singing it.It'always be a Scotty song. But on the other hand I'm trying to look at it as his song is popular and it's a compliment to Scotty that someone wants to cover his song. So I guess I'm trying to say sometimes we have to look at things in a different light, even Billy Dukes. It might not be a vendetta against Scotty, he's like that with others, even tho I didn't like the negative things, he did say a lot of good things. G-Ma Dodie


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