Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scotty McCreery to perform at Q93 Benefit Concert tonight

Q93 Benefit Concert
Thursday, October 25th
Doors Open at 6, Show Starts at 7



  1. Scotty will get to maybe hang out a little bit with the singer of one of his favorite country songs, "Farmer's Daughter" by Rodney Atkins. Haha!!

  2. I wonder if Scotty is headlining and Lost Trailers and Rodney Atkins are opening for him.........wouldn't THAT be a feather in his cap!

  3. Hahaha!! We always want Scotty to be on top, we just can't help it!!! I know I do. He already is, in my mind anyway. There is just nobody else out there quite like him! I guess that is what being a super-fan is all about!!

  4. That Scotty is just BEAUTIFUL !!! Who else would I buy a Christmas album in October - only Scotty. LOOOOVE him!!

    Please vote, vote, vote for him on Peoples Choice Awards. Write him in and write the McCreerians in as BEST FANS!!

    1. Tell me about it he is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOOOOOVE him so much!! I hope he did get a chance to visit with Rodney. and he does this for Charity I call that's incredible. We definitely do need to get him on People choice Awards. Cause he does deserve it!!!

  5. Don't forget to write in best album and video for Scotty---


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