Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scotty McCreery signing Christmas CD's at Best Buy in Garner, NC

 Scotty McCreery @ Best Buy Instore Signing in Garner, NC! in Garner, NC - Oct 28

Meet Scotty McCreery at his hometown BEST BUY! Scotty will be signing copies of his CHRISTMAS WITH SCOTTY CD on Sunday, October 28th at 4pm!
Best Buy #574
120 Shenstone Blvd.
Garner, NC

Pass distribution with purchase of the CHRISTMAS WITH SCOTTY MCCREERY CD will begin at the BEST BUY (Garner location) on 10/16 at 10am.


  1. Just thought I would mention that on the GAC Site there is the article talking about Scotty's Christmas CD. about the 2 new original song along with the 9 other songs.

    I have friends that live in Hollywood, Calif. and they told me that they heard Water Tower Town and the Trouble with Girl playing in the Mall while they were shopping. They were asking at the Best Buy Store if they would be getting his Christmas CD and the store clerk told them A BIG YES. AND THAT THEY HAVE HAD LOTS OF CUSTOMER ASKING THE SAME.

    1. Excellent news - I love to hear this. I know ILTB still plays at Toys R Us and Out of Summer plays at Walmart - His must is all over except on the radio

    2. Yay!! to both comments!!!

  2. LISTEN and ENJOY everybody -- snippets of SCOTTY´s CHRISTMAS ALBUM

    ohhhhhh så beautiful- melting Chrissie


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