Friday, October 26, 2012

Ryan Mathews tells Sports Spectrum he supports Scotty McCreery

 I know this isn't an "exclusive" Scotty article but anyone that is on twitter will know that Ryan Mathews played baseball at NC State last year and tweets encouraging scriptures and words for everyone to see. Just like Scotty, he is not afraid to let the world know he is a Christian.  I think it's great that he mentioned his support for Scotty in this article! Donna :)

 “Conversations” with Ryan Mathews
Courtesy: Ryan Mathews

This edition of Sports Spectrum “Conversations” features Ryan Mathews, an outfielder in the Oakland Athletics organization. This past spring, Mathews hit 17 HRs and helped his teammates at NC State advance to the Super-Regionals of the NCAA baseball tournament. Ryan joins us to talk about his faith, his NCAA tournament experience, getting drafted, and what life is like in the minor leagues. To hear the full interview, including Ryan’s thoughts on the A’s playoff run, if he’s ever faced a pitcher who throws as hard as Justin Verlander, and how he shares the Gospel though Twitter, click the link to the podcast or subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher.

Favorite music to listen to
I like to listen to Lecrae and Tenth Avenue North. Pretty wide genre from Christian rap to  Tenth Avenue North, but those are my two favorite bands. And I gotta support my boy, Scotty McCreary. I went and saw him in concert recently. For country he’d definitely be my favorite.

This is a pretty lengthy, so I only posted a couple parts of it  - but it is a very good article - I would recommend everyone clicking on the link below and reading the entire article. 


  1. Great taste! Stuff like this just butters my biscuits!!

  2. Way to go Ryan! Great article!

  3. Great Article , and 8:08 butters our biscuits and everything else HA! that was funny. Absolutely true he is just our one in a million young man and we appreciate what Ryan said about him. WAY TO GOOOOOOOScotty!!!!!ILYTB

  4. Ryan Matthews has excellent taste!! He is a nice young man just like Scotty. I am beginning to think I should move to North Carolina!!

  5. Great article and a nice compliment from Ryan after seeing Scotty in concert! His upbringing is very much like Scottys'. It seems most sportsmen whether they're career is baseball, football or hockey, take up golf on the side! Scotty included!


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