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Music Review: "Christmas With Scotty McCreery" (2012)

Music Review: "Christmas With Scotty McCreery" (2012)

(c) 2012 Interscope Records
Review by: Gary Wright
In 2011, Scotty McCreery was crowned the 10th winner of the iconic singing competition, American Idol. Following the apparently established "White Guy With Guitar" trend that the fandom has come to name the five consequent male winners of the show, David Cook (2008), Kris Allen (2009), Lee Dewyze (2010) and most recently, Phillip Phillips (2012), most people were skeptical of the seventeen year old's success. But the young North Carolina native went on to prove all naysayers wrong. His debut single "I Love You This Big" charted high on the Hot 100 (#11), and his debut album, "Clear as Day" was a hit, selling more than a million copies and being certified Platinum. American Idol seemed to have found another legitimate star after years. This week, McCreery releases his second studio album and first holiday album, Christmas With Scotty McCreery.

Earlier this year, when I heard that Scotty would be releasing a Christmas album as his second effort, I'll be honest, I was skeptical. ermm.gif Why on earth would you want to release a Christmas album for your second release? Doesn't that just smell of desperation? :no: Sure, it's easy: get a star to sing popular songs and sell another million albums. On listening to this album, though, every doubt in my mind was done away with.ohyeah.gif Using every bit of his Idol-winning talent, Scotty shines on this collection, which turns out to be honest, sincere and a commendable effort.

As always, I will review each individual song and give my overall thoughts at the end.

1. Let It Snow: I love this song and it was a great way to ease us into the album. A fun, delightful version of a song we all know and love.

2. The First Noel: What a sincere, heartfelt rendition! I really felt the emotion seeping through. One of my all-time favorite songs, and Scotty just made it even better! I'm never going to forget this version.

3. Jingle Bells: Way to turn up the fun! If you're expecting the traditional version, prepare yourself to be blown away! Another fun, carefree version of the classic song. I could almost see Scotty holding his mic to the side and singing the way he does!

4. Holly Jolly Christmas: Again! Awesome! The "Oh, oh, the mistletoe" part is my favorite. Scotty sounds so effortless, so comfortable, it's hard to imagine he's only nineteen!

5. Winter Wonderland: Scotty makes sure he has fun, first and foremost. and that shows here. Nothing pretentious or forced, just natural, cheery singing. Again, Scotty's comfort level is amazing.

6. Christmas In Heaven: Can I just say, best song on the album? I was just speechless after listening to this. A beautiful, amazing song with heart. Scotty's talent is beyond his years. This is a gift. Even if you don't buy the entire album, please do buy this song, as it is the shining moment of the album.

7. Mary Did You Know: A song I have not heard that many times to be familiar with. But it is a great song and Scotty just makes it his own and delivers. I love when he touches his higher register.

8. Christmas Comin' Round Again: It sure is! Another original song, and it's very good. Really makes you remember the true meaning of the season. Can I get a Halleluiah?

9. O Holy Night: Another one of my favorites on this album. And one of my all-time favorite songs too. We have heard this song over and over, done by so many artists. I still think the best version of this song was by Mariah Carey, but Scotty's version is amazing too. I love how it's sincere, honest and straighforward. No melisma, no rifts, no vocal gimmickry. Just Scotty, his voice and this legendary song. Wait for the final "Night divine." I can listen to it many times over. Too good.

10. The Christmas Song: Yes. Everyone's favorite. I loved the tone in Scotty's voice. So clear. Made me want to pull out our Christmas decorations in October!

11. Santa Claus Is Back in Town:  ELVIS! Big shoes to fill there. We all know that channeling Elvis is near impossible. But you know what!? Scotty kills this song and I don't mean the bad way! It's like he's back on American Idol. Pure talent.
The bad points? A bit too many covers. I wish there were some more originals on this album. Also, not a single guest artist! Of course, minor problems because as a whole the album is really good.:w00twave:

It takes a certain amount of emotion, charisma and conviction to carry off a Christmas album. After all, these aren't ordinary songs. On every front, Scotty McCreery delivers. His smooth baritone is the bloodline, full and complete with richness and velvety texture. The level of maturity he shows is incredible.

This is the kind of album that grips you, you just want to keep listening to it. I've already listened to the entire album twice and it's only October! This album is a perfect addition to your country Christmas collection and perfect to listen to on cold winter evenings.If you love country, get this. If you like Christmas music, then also get this. The Best Christmas album of the year. So far!

Scotty McCreery won American Idol  for a reason. And he shows every level of his talent on here. A unique voice that has a brilliant future ahead.

 You can't help but think, American Idol has created yet another star.

RATING: ★  ohyeah.gif  clap.gifthumbup.gif



  2. I had already posted the link onto Billy Dukes review for McCreerian to view.

  3. i love this review brought tears to my eyes.thank you

    1. LOVE It!! No surprise tho'! We all know what a super star our Scotty
      is already and just getting better!! To the moon, Scotty!!

  4. That's MY REVIEW! Haha so glad you guys liked it! :) It really is a great album.

    1. Thanks for the great review. Scotty knocked it out of the park. I love his version of O Holy Night, it has always been my favorite Christmas song and I'm really picky about who sings it and Scotty's version is just beautiful.

      Thanks again for the review.

    2. Thanks Gary for your most enjoyable review of Scotty's Christmas album! Its wonderful when a reviewer sees the beauty in the album, and Scotty's amazing voice on all the songs. I love the variety he chose to put on the album from "Christmas in Heaven" to "Santa Claus Is Back In Town"!!!

  5. Thanks Gary and a big Christmas hug!!! McCreerians know that Scotty is good and now you put it into beautiful words. A beautiful talent and we knew it from day one. We appreciate your heartfelt review of Christmas With Scotty McCreery.

  6. Thanks Gary for the great review. It truly is a beautiful review of a beautiful
    album. Scotty has put his stamp on each and every song.

  7. Thank you, too Gary. You made so many fans soooooo happy reading your beautiful review of CWSM. Never watched AI much till I saw Scotty and heard his amazing voice. I knew then he was going to be somebody in the entertainment industry. A real talent from the tips of his hair to his toes.


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