Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mike McCreery shares pictures via twitter of New Orleans

Inside the Superdome! Yes the pass from reached me and yes I did catch it.

French Quarter at Saint Louis cathedral!

The Superdome at 12:35am.


  1. Thanks for the nice pics! Hope you had fun! Just wanted to add this. I was just watching the GAC Artist of the Decade tribute to George Strait. Though I knew who George was and that he was the King of Country I honestly never heard his songs, since I am new to Country because of Scotty. I didn't know one song the various singers sang.When I heard of this I thought it would have been great if they had had Scotty sing I CROSS MY HEART or CHECK YES OR NOT. He could have been introdcued as the next George Strait!! Am since we all started talking about who we would like to see Scotty tour with, I had hoped for GS, which we know isn't happening. Taylor Swift and Leanne Rimes thanked him for taking them on your when they were new. They also paid tribute to the artists of the last four decades and someone sing one of their songs. Martina McBride sang 'The Dance'. Love Martina, but, of all the covers of this song I have heard, Scotty rules. His voice is perfect for that song. First time I heard a female, I think and it was just okay. All in all a nice tribute to GS and you could see the respect he has from his peers. I see Scotty getting that kind of respect as time goes on.

  2. Nice pics. Just wanted to say on the tribute to Gearge Strait on GAC, I knew none of the songs they did because I wasn't into country until Scotty. It would have been cool if he could have been there and sang ICMH or CYON. He does them so well. TS and Leann Rimes thanked for taking them on tour when they were new. I had wished he would taken Scotty out.They also did a couple other artists of the last four decade's songs. Martina sang "The Dance" for Garth. First female I have heard do that and it was nice. But of all people I have heard cover this song, Scotty is by and far the best. His voice is just right for that song. A nice tribute to GS anyway.

  3. FYI - I just found this on =
    Here's the tweet to which the 'commenter' was probably referring:
    Randy Cox ‏@CoxNth
    Listen for Scotty's "Christmas in Heaven" all over TV this Fall.....maybe even the White House!

    1. I read on another fan site that his mom said he would be performing for the president in december.

  4. Sorry for posting twice...didn't think the first one went thru.

  5. Nice picture's Mr.Mike. I'M glad that you had fun. I bet It was Awesome to see New ORLEANS for the first time. and to see the super dome. It's Look's like that you and brad's dad had fun. That's incredible about Scotty's song Christmas in heaven will be all over TV this fall and maybe even the WHITE HOUSE. Before Christmas It's going to go Platinum. I hope that It happen's for Scotty. cause he deserve's it.

  6. Just hope he sings with Lauren this holiday season ! They are fabulous alone andtogether-always!!


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