Wednesday, October 17, 2012

McCreery Christmas CD features LifeWay song

by Jon D. Wilke

NASHVILLE (BP) -- "Christmas in Heaven," a song written by two LifeWay Worship songwriters, is on Scotty McCreery's new Christmas CD.

Christmas in Heaven, by Paul Marino and Jeremy Johnson, is one of 11 holiday songs McCreery performs on his second album, "Christmas with Scotty McCreery."

In its first day on the market, Oct. 16, McCreery's CD ranked No. 3, while the LifeWay song stood at No. 124.

LifeWay Worship is a church worship resource provider and song publisher within LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.

McCreery came to national fame after winning the 10th season of "American Idol" as well as prestigious industry awards such as New Artist of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards and Best New Artist at the American Country Awards. He also was ranked No. 1 on Billboard's list of Top New Country Artists for 2011.

"These are exciting days for us at LifeWay Worship," said Craig Adams, manager of creative development and publishing for LifeWay Worship. "[W]e want to generate songs of faith that will last for countless generations. We strive to raise up songs that impact culture for Jesus Christ."

Adams expects Christmas in Heaven to become a new perennial Christmas favorite because of McCreery's talent and the message of the song.

"It's the hope of heaven at Christmas," Adams said.

"For many people, Christmas can be a time of pain," he said. "This could be a song of healing. It comes from the perspective of someone whose loved one has passed away. As the person takes in the sights and sounds of the Christmas season, they wonder what must it be like to celebrate the arrival of Jesus on earth from heaven."

Adams noted, "Great songs always find their way. [Christmas in Heaven] will filter down through other artists, groups, churches, schools and choirs, even into other languages around the world."

McCreery told American Idol that his goal for the Christmas album was to create a body of work that makes people feel good and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

"I just wanted it to be holly and jolly and really lift people's spirits in the Christmas season because it's supposed to be a happy time," McCreery said. "But I also wanted to get across the real reason for the season. Christmas in Heaven is my favorite song on the album and it really speaks to that."

McCreery is slated to appear Oct. 18 on LifeWay Worship's monthly web TV show, "The Choir Room." Viewers can watch the show at

LifeWay Worship's song publishing efforts date back to 2004. Since then the team has worked with artists and songwriters such as Nicole C. Mullen, Aaron Keyes, Brian Free and Assurance, Shelley E. Johnson and David M. Edwards.

Since signing with LifeWay, Johnson's songs have been recorded by Steve Green, Michael W. Smith, Elliott Yamin (American Idol finalist) and Brian Free and Assurance. His music has been featured in more than 200 choral and print projects. Three of his songs were included in the 2008 Baptist Hymnal.

Marino has penned 16 Top 10 singles. He was also named LifeWay songwriter of the year for 2010 and 2011. As a performer, he has sung with the vocal trio River for 20 years, serving as the group's producer, vocalist and primary songwriter.

Together, the songwriting duo worked with LifeWay's Vacation Bible School team to write three of the five songs for the 2013 VBS theme, all performed by Dove Award-winning artist Jamie Grace.

"Without Paul and Jeremy there would be no Christmas in Heaven," Adams said. "They were our first two exclusive songwriters and this was one of the first songs they wrote for LifeWay Worship from their pen."

To learn more about the music ministry of LifeWay Worship, visit

Christmas with Scotty McCreery is available at McCreery's website, iTunes, Amazon and music retail stores across the country.
Jon Wilke is media relations manager for LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention

Lyrics to Christmas in Heaven (by Jeremy Johnson/Paul Marino):

December hasn't changed
This town looks the same
They still light that tree in the city square
There's red, white, and green shining everywhere
And I wish you were here
And I wonder—

Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold
Are the mansions all covered in white
Are you singing with angels, "Silent Night"
I wonder what Christmas in heaven is like

There's a little manger scene
Down on Third and Main
I must've walked right by it a thousand times
But I see it now in a different light
'Cause I know you are there
And I wonder

Are you kneeling with shepherds before Him now
Can you reach out and touch His face
Are you part of that glorious, holy night
I wonder what Christmas in heaven is like



  1. This is another positive article to add

  2. The only thing I want to say is. THANK YOU!!

  3. Just thought I would post that I saw on that over at hits daily double they are predicting 30-40k for first wk sales of CWSM. For a Christmas album released in October that's really good. Especially considering someone like Blake Shelton only sold 9k copies total his first wk (last wk). And his sales will only get higher the closer it gets to Thanksgiving. So don't get down McCreerians, these are good numbers.

    - Becky

  4. If you get a chance pick up Scotty CD at Walmart the one with the magazine and calender it is great pics of Scotty as a baby and his family . He is so handsome on the calender . The magazine has stories and pics . I love it.

    1. Especially love the chubby baby picture of Scotty! Isn't he a doll - what a ham! Thank you Scotty for a great great album we all enjoy soooooo much!!!

    2. Tell me about It, The picture's in the Zinepak Are great. I agree with you Especially the baby's one's. The one I like is when he was little boy in the Christmas play. Cause he is so Adorable like he is still today. He is definitely Handsome in the Calender. It took my breath when I look at them. Thank you Scotty for A great,Incrediable cd I will enjoy forever. ILYTB so much.

  5. I just bought two CD's today. His voice is amazing on this album! Christmas in Heaven is just such a beautiful song!! I am just sooo loving all the songs on this beautiful album!! I sure do think that this album should deffinitely go platinum!! It is just wonderful. Can't wait to see Scotty on Country Christmas Special!!

  6. If I see a Zinepak at Wal-Mart I will definitely get it. I think it would be so awesome if Christian radio stations would pick up the two original songs off this album and play them on the airwaves during the Christmas season. A wonderful message in each song that could speak to peoples' hearts. I am deeply touched by both of them. I played CWSM all day long today, and I found myself repeating "The Christmas Song" a lot. His voice is so absolutely amazing on that song, velvety smooth!!! I absolutely love "Jingle Bells" all jazzy and I think "Holly Jolly Christmas" is awesome with that rockabilly feel. And then SCIBIT!!!!!!! I could go on and on and on. (sigh)

  7. I just couldnt understand how they based the figures. Mike mccreery said that preorders of CWSM exceeded CAD figures.
    Dont get me wrong. But I was expecting more. I think they are only basing on Tuesday sales. We havent counted the people who didnt order online and waiting for the release in the market.
    I can only hope for the best for my beloved idol.

    1. I think I read that it exceeded sales in the first two days of pre-order on his official site. I don't think it meant in all pre-orders in general. Cause I believe he tweeted that before it went on pre-order on iTunes.

      - Becky

  8. I also read that Blake Sheldon only sold 9K for his Christmas CD released last week. So these numbers for Scotty are great.

  9. I think it is partly because a lot of stores did not have them out yet. I asked at 3 places yesterday (Wal-Mart, Target and FYE) here where I live in south Georgia and they did not have them in yet. The only one I found was at the Lifeway Christian Store and they only had two, and I bought one of them. I told them to be sure and get more because it was awesome!!! I will be out looking for them again this Friday afternoon and Saturday for sure. I also purchased it on i-tunes.

  10. I just came back from a search of two Wal-Mart stores and one BestBuy store and no CWSM anywhere. I was told at all stores that they haven't received any Christmas cds yet. There was no posters advertising....nothing! I am so disappointed ! I will be calling the stores every day for the next week however. One store said they would put a hold on the ZinePak for one hour when it comes in if I call them. This is not very good marketing folks!!! I pre-ordered online at Wal-Mart for one CWSM and one ZinePak. Today I got two regular cds of CWSM which arrived via Fed X. That is what sent me on the hunt. No Zinepak!!! I had already received ,on the 15th, via UPS, my own cd and have been burning it up,playing and replaying it. I really want the Zinepak. The two cds I received from Wal-Mart I will give as gifts.BTW,Mike McCreery stated that both days of pre-order was 6500 versus CAD preorder of 2500. We are taking this cd PLATINUM AND #1 on BB !!! Kait,Portland,Or

  11. I stopped by our local WalMart today not expecting much, but they actually had copies of the CD and the one with the magazine and calendar. Of course, I purchased the second and couldn't wait to play it. When I got home my pre-orders had arrived (5), so I am one happy camper listening to this amazing music and anticipating how happy those who receive CDs from me will be. I especially love Christmas in Heaven and hope it is released as a single. I think it will bless many people.

  12. I went to three Walmarts in Atlanta area yesterday looking for the Zinepak. They had the CD but said they did not get the Zinepak. I could kick myself for not preordering one from :( I am going to be Soooo Disappointed if I can't find one!!

    1. Just go to Another town If you Can't find one. or you can do this come up to Tennessee cause their's A ton of them here. In Franklin's their's A ton of them. cause I was there Yesterday. Cause I went there to get mine and they had A whole bunch. Or go to a town near you to look for them. I hope you find them Cause they are worth it. I love mine. good Luck.

  13. I went to Wal-Mart here in Canada today and was told a guy just bought the last two..come back in a week! Did manage to get two elsewhere. This album is a delight from beginning to end! It has so much versatility in the songs Scotty chose, and man can he sing! We hear a whole different side of Scotty's singing ability! He's fantastic! I love the band too...they are Wow! so great! The best of the best! Picking a favorite is difficult. I tear-up listening to CIH and I rock out on HJC, JB, and of course SCIBIT, and the others are equally as good in their own way. Thanks for a wonderful Christmas album, Scotty!!!

  14. I haven't received my pre-order signed CD's. But that was fine with me...So I went to our local Walmart and wanted 10 CD's. The clerk was so surprised "10"???...Anyway, the place was disorganized that I have to look for the CD's myself and just found 6...BUT, I found their one and only CD with the magazine! Hope our local store will replenish the CD's quick...I'm thinking of calling the Store Manager!

  15. KAIT, PORTLAND,OR. I am the 75 year old Grandpa and I also live in Portland, Or.

    I went to the Best Buy Store today across. the one across from the Washington Square Mall and they just got Scotty Christmas in yesterday. And I got 3 CD. I am so excited. They told be they had gotten order of 10 but I got 3 and they said they sold 5 more yesterday, so they are already reordering more.THEY SAID THEY ONLY HAVE SCOTTY AND 3 0THER CHRISTMAS ALBUM SO. THAT THEY WILL BE GETTING OTHER ARTIST CD HOWERE SCOTTY'S WAS ONE OP FIRST THAT IT USALLY IS ALITTLE LATER WHEN THEY START COMING ON FOR THE HOLIDAYS. BOB, PORTLAND,OR.


  16. ..i don't know what is up with wal =mart ,I went there two days and no C,D It's a shame because he is loosing sales ,and charting.The guy said the vendor was on her way on Tuesday,went back today ,and nothing.In the electronic section on all there T.V. they have set up,who comes on all the screens but Jason Aldean promoting his album for everyone to buy here at wal-mart.He is charting like crazy .how are they getting all the albums.As far as i'm concerned wal-mart are slackers who could care less how they handle there business..

  17. Hello everyone I received mine today and was very happy to receive it. I ordered mine from AMAZON.COM. I will be happy for the ones who haven't received theirs yet. GOD BLESS U SCOTTY AND FAMILY. LYUTB. GRANDMA IN TX.


  18. I know Scotty has a concert tonight,and he is so busy,but I hope somehow he finds out that wal-mart isn't getting the c.d out there for people to buy.I don't know if his management knows this is going on.or isn't wal-mart going to carry the c.d.I hope his management finds out about this.This week is important for him to chart

  19. i went to Walmart at 6:30am yesterday after asking help from 4 peoplei got a support manager to help me so he looked through several boxes all dvds and i told him several tines it was a cd not video that it is music he seemed to not hear what i was saying not happy at all. A fifth person did show up and gave me an answer he said that a vendor puts the music out, i had to go to work. After work i went back to Walmart i wanted to buy CWSM his album was still not on the new release end cap so i went again for help well i did find CWSM 11 copies in the regular music under Ms all the sales person said well maybe because it was Christmas music that was why it wasn't on the end cap way to go Walmat such a let down but at least they do have it:(

  20. I hope someone in Management finds out what is going on with these stores, esp. Walmart. And why do they only get a few and it isn't being showcased in the stores. It is quite disturbing. 30-40k is great but I thought it would be more but if people can't find it, then that's why. You can order from different places if you can't find one. Barnes & Noble may have it in stock. It's on their site. We want those sales to go up. It is just Oct., so sure it will.

    1. I agree 12:24, 12:45, People often say his mgt. takes care of things but there is no excuse for not having those CD's available. It hurts sales for debut stats and BB200 Why make Oct 16th the release date if merchants can't be adequately stocked. I had same problem with CAD at WalMart when it released. Someone said they knew Scotty was busy but hoped he found out about the problem. Scotty shouldn't have to be dealing with this at all. (I don't mean offense related to the comment as I understood intent and concern) Mgt.shd be following up on distribution somehow. You know these guys are getting big cut of Scotty's earnings so he is indirectly paying them for what they do (or shd be doing). Anyway, I can't imagine that Mama Judy is unaware of the problem and also assume she'll be getting problem corrected to extent possible. I sure don't know enough about music industry to have educated opinion. But my intuition tells me, I'm just not that wild about Merc/Interscope or who ever is representing him. It was his label or mgt or whatever that couldn't get but just a few of their artists nominated for the ACA's. They got Carrie in for only one and maybe a couple of their others like LA for NA, but if their clout is ltd, that's a concern to me, esp when it's not used for Scotty. The article I read indicated that Interscope got the fewest artists in for award nominations. I have to think that the lack of radio play is mgt/label issue as well. I would just feel better if Scotty were with some other mgt/label that has better influence with the powers that be. I know the McCreerys are intelligent folks and I'm sure they are doing all they can within whatever limitations they face. They also may be frustrated. Who Knows?
      I know we as fans can't do anything here. I just get darn curious and frustrated when Scotty appears to get slighted. As said, sure Mama J
      is on this if it's possible to do anything but still maybe a tweet or contact from Donna or someone informing her of how much difficulty fans are experiencing with purchase might help Mama J.fight whatever battles she's up against. Couldn't hurt.

  21. While I was at Wal-Mart wanting CWSM ZinePak, I found only one CAD cd and it was under the "w" listing! I talked with a clerk and he said that Wal-Mart uses a "third party" to order and set up their cds........whatever that means. It didn't help my search at all. I just couldn't believe that there was no presentation and no Christmas cds. I really expected to see a large poster of Scotty's Christmas cd and a stack of them right there in plain sight. Nothing, Zip, Nada,

  22. Bob (10:16PM) a big Hey from one Oregonian to another!! I am happy you got your cd. I had pre-ordered the first day and received mine on the 15th, no problem. I danced a jig and ripped the package open (from UPS) and have been playing it repeatedly all day, every day. I absolutely love it and Scotty! I really want the ZinePak with the calendar too. I did order it online but Wal-Mart sent me only the cd. My quest for the ZinePak is not over, but I am very disappointed in Wal-Mart for not being on top of the stocking and re-stocking of this particular cd. I also worry about Scotty losing sales and darn it, we want him to have a platinum for Christmas! Thanks for your response and I am very glad that you found the cd. Kait,Portland, Or

  23. Bob, (10:16PM) Hey from one Oregonian to another! I am happy that you managed to find Scotty's CD's. I pre-ordered through Scotty's website and received my first CD from UPS on Oct 15th, no problem. The next day, I pre-ordered from Wal-Mart website one CD and one CWSM ZinePak. Today I received two CWSM CD's and no ZinePak. I really want the one with the calendar. My search is not over yet. I just feel that Wal-Mart is not doing a fair marketing of this CD. I worry that Scotty is losing sales. Darn it, but we want him to have a Platinum by Christmas!!! This lax marketing does not help him. I would order the ZinePak through Wal-Mart again, but fear they will mess up the order again. I love this new CD and am glad that you are excited about yours. Thanks for your response. Kait, Portland, Or

  24. Sorry all - I thought I didn't publish my first response to, I re-did it...Ooops! I was wrong. lol Kait,Or

  25. I agree 100% that I thought there would be a big display of Scotty and stacks of cd's. Really angers me. Management, I hope, will look into this.Try Barnes & Noble, I know you can get it in a few days if they don't carry it.

  26. I bought 2 CD's at Target. They had it with new releases. They did not have a lot of them on the shelves. I think because it is so early yet. Halloween stuff is still on the shelves. I bet they will get more of them on the shelves the closer it gets to Thanksgiving. I think sales will go up the closer it gets to Thanksgiving. Plus if they put Christmas in Heaven out as a single It just has to do well. It is such an awesome song!! It makes me cry he sings it so beautifully! Every song on this CD is so beautiful with his deep voice!! I love it!! Thank you Scotty for such a wonderful Christmas Album. My husband is in Afghanistan for the holidays this year so I have been sad but this beautiful CD will lift my spirits over the holidays. May God bless Scotty and his family and everyone who reads this. -- California McCreerian

  27. I hope you get to see Scotty tonight or tomorrow night, Chula Vista or LA.


  28. I went to the other wal-mart today.and they had a display case
    with Jason Aldean picture,and Scotty bith in the front.Aldean on the left,and Scotty on the right ..Taylor Swift was on the side,and I don't remember the artist on the other side of the case.Jason side was full of his album,on scotty side was a mixture of artist.Blake was there only a few albums,there was 5 of Scotty left.I bought them all.I don't think there going to put to many out for a few more weeks.On Oct 22 Taylor Swifts releases her album Red,so I think there going to move her up,I would say there pushing the sales of aldeen right now.Christmas one should be out there full force soon..It was nice to see Scotty on front with Adeen,it's going to be good.


  29. I just posted the last comment,I think it going to be a battle between Aldean'and Swift.We just have yo keep on buying Scottys ,and keep him in the top ten for a few more days so he charts on billboards.Sales will go up I think Nov every thing will start moving.

  30. In regard to our frustration of merchants (esp walmart) not having sufficient supply of CMWS, I'm pretty sure I read on Mama Judy's twitter that only 40K were released in US.......Now I'm more confused than ever.....why would they ltd distribution when they/we/all want to see good sales?

    1. There's only 40k total of the Zinepak. Zinepaks are always limited. it was the same w/CAD. There's an unlimited number of the Christmas cd itself. So don't worry, we can buy as many as we want and so can everyone else :)


    2. I was told at best buy here in oregon that they had Scotty and Adeans and that it is a little early for the holiday cd that they would be getting more and that Scotty Mccreery they have had alot of request so they will be getting more

    3. 7:52: Thanks, I was as Scotty says smh and "What in the world?" Makes perfect sense now.

  31. Wal-Mart is calling me on Oct 22nd to come pick up my ZinePak !!! I will believe it when it is in my hand. Kait,Or

  32. Anyone heard any charting numbers yet? Or sales figures??

    1. KAIT ( 12:51 AM )

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT BACK It is nice to hear from another Oregonian. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT OUR SCOTTY. I AM A 75 YEARS OLD

    2. 10:09: Nothing here, but I'm also eager to see sales figures. I'm guessing we won't have anything worthwhile until HITS Daily Double puts out past wks figures for BB200. With CAD, we typically started seeing figures sometimes as early as late day on Mondays and then final count by late Tues. I think I'll see if I can check out ITUNES as I don't think we've had update today, but I'm finding it hard to tell much from that.

  33. Customer Service (800) 925-6278, 2, 2, 5
    If you ordered the Limited Deluxe Edition (CD, Magazine, 2013 Scotty Calendar) but received only the CD, the only way to resolve the problem is to contact Customer Service with your Purchase Order # and date of purchase and ask to speak to a Supervisor who will notify the Order Management Team for resolution, which will probably/hopefully be a separate mailing of the magazine and calendar.

    Apparently made a typographical error on the Scotty pre-orders and this error has affected many customers, so to resolve, you must contact Problems are resolved in the order received, so the sooner you call, the faster the resolution.

    Here are the important dates for reference:
    As of Sep 13 $11.88 for CD

    As of Sep 20 $11.88 for Limited Deluxe Edition--CD, Magazine, 2013 Scotty Calendar

    Certainly Walmart would not expect fans who pre-ordered prior to Sep 20 to cancel all of
    their pre-orders and then re-order them again at the same $11.88 price, so it is only
    reasonable to assume that *all* pre-orders placed prior to Sep 23 are for the Limited
    Deluxe Edition.
    At this time--Sept 20, 21, 22-- the pre-order was called the Limited Deluxe Edition, not
    the ZinePack, but they are the same thing.
    The Limited Deluxe Edition offer should apply to all pre-orders placed prior to Sep 23.

    As of Sep 23 $11.88 for CD
    $15.88 for ZinePack (Limited Deluxe Edition)--CD, Magazine, 2013 Scotty
    On Sep 13 I placed Walmart pre-orders for $11.88 CDs
    On Sep 20 I canceled those Sep 13 pre-orders (out of an abundance of caution) and
    placed pre-orders for the $11.88 Limited Deluxe Edition. My printed confirmation stated
    that I had purchased only the CD, not the Limited Deluxe Edition--so this must be the
    Walmart typographical error--so I e-mailed and asked them to give
    me written confirmation that my pre-orders placed on Sept 20 were for the Limited Deluxe
    Edition. I also asked them to confirm that *all* pre-orders placed prior to Sep 23 were for
    the Limited Deluxe Edition. Walmart responded that my pre-orders were for the CD only.
    I responded No--they were for the Limited Deluxe Edition and requested confirmation.
    Walmart never responded.
    On Oct 16 my sister received only the CD--no magazine and no calendar.
    On Oct 17 I spoke with a Walmart.Com supervisor who confirmed that:
    All of my pre-orders placed on Sep 20 were for the Limited Deluxe Edition
    Walmart made a "typographical error" in my order, which caused all of my mailed
    pre-orders to be only the CD--no magazine and no calendar
    He (supervisor) sent a message for resolution to the Order Management Team,
    which will hopefully resolve the problem by a separate mailing of the magazine
    and calendar
    The Order Management Team will call me within 2-5 days with their resolution
    If the Order Management Team does not call me by next Tue, Oct 23, I must call again and ask to speak with a supervisor for expedited resolution

    If I do not hear from this Order Management Team by Friday, Oct 19, I will call Walmart.Com customer service, ask for a supervisor, and ask what progress has taken place.


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