Friday, October 19, 2012

Link to listen to Scotty McCreery live on Good Day LA

Link to listen to Scotty McCreery on Good Day LA - he should be coming on pretty soon


  1. I was watching the video and when Scotty got on it only lasted a few seconds then went off.My he looked handsome, with his brown shirt with the lady,and only a few seconds with him in the studio.I don't know what happened the lady never got to say anything ,that would have been so good.

    1. I hope you didn't turn it off!!! It was a FANTASTIC interview! Scotty has grown and is growing into a GORGEOUS HUNK! And THAT VOICE! Sure wish I was a FEW years younger!! HAHA!
      The Hollywood Bowl show is going to be Unbelievable!! GO SCOTTY!!!

  2. I saw him on TodayLA, screen blacked out at first but came back on for full interview, even Mom and Dad talked. Oh the internet is great !!!!

  3. If he was on FoxNewsLA I missed it. I did see him interviewed on TodayLA though. As always a great interview, loved hearing snippets of CWSM and seeing the folks and Mike Childers on screen also.

  4. Scotty looked very handsome.

    I hope everyone will go out today and tomorrow and buy a couple of copies of "Christmas With Scotty McCreery"!! It's a great album!! I'm giving one to every family member and friends!

  5. I absolutely LOVED this short interview and the snippits of his Christmas songs. I think when people who don't really know Scotty or listen to his music heard these songs they were probably surprised by his beautiful voice. ANYONE who loves traditional country and just good-ole traditional Christmas music will fall in love with this CD. And how can you not just adore this fine young man.....and, yes, he did look so handsome this morning. BTW...I also loved that the interviewers commented that his voice was perfect for announcing/hosting and also mentioned possibly some acting jobs in the future. And Scotty mentioned that he had just finished a commercial (thinking maybe the Bojangles spot) and was not against doing some acting. Wouldn't that be something!!!! Again, I just love Scotty and his family. How truly Special are they???


    10/19/12 Scotty McCreery @MyFoxLA w/Maria Quiban

    Streamed live on Oct 19, 2012 by myfoxla


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