Friday, October 19, 2012

ICM Awards

Just wanted to post and let everyone know that Vince Gill won the Main Stream Country Artist Award. Even though Scotty did not win, it is still a great thing for him to have been nominated.


  1. Vince is good. I will bow to his win. I would love for it to have been Scotty, but it will be one day. It's all good!

  2. It is still awesome that Scotty was even nominated for this award considering he is the newcomer. It just means that he is being recognized as an inspiration to many. I actually had a feeling that it would be either Vince or Alan. Just to be nominated alongside these guys is already something.

  3. I thought Alan Jackson would win it, and I am not so sure he shouldn't have.....but that's just me. Scotty has so many years ahead of him to win awards....probably better (considering the industry) to just be nominated for a time............


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