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Got Country “Christmas With Scotty” Album Review

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As I listened to Scotty McCreery’s “Christmas with Scotty,” the title of another Idol winner’s most recent album perfectly described how I felt, ‘blown away.’  It seems right to connect Scotty with Carrie Underwood for another reason, as both artists used the same producer, Mark Bright.

From a little dusting of snow on Christmas in his North Carolina hometown when he was a toddler, to receiving his first guitar from his grandfather for Christmas eight years ago, to just a few years ago, his first ‘real white’ Christmas when there was actually enough snow to shovel, this holiday holds a special place in Scotty’s heart.

‘McCreery’s goal for his Christmas album was to create a body of work that makes people feel good and celebrate the birth of Jesus. “I just wanted it to be holly and jolly and really lift people’s spirits in the Christmas season because it’s supposed to be a really happy time. But I also wanted to get across the real reason for the season.”’

His voice is reminiscent of the smooth ‘50s Rat Pack sound, ala Frank Sinatra, on Let It Snow and The First Noel.” Scotty’s version of “Jingle Bells” has a unique sound, a snapping guitar rendition with a touch of Elvis. The tempo stays up with Holly Jolly Christmas,” andWinter Wonderland” is like a quick trip around the ice rink.

Christmas in Heaven is a favorite of Scotty’s on his album. It’s about taking a moment to look up and think how a departed loved one is celebrating the holiday up above.

The next song has been performed by more than 30 artists, yet this version is sure to be a standout.  “Mary, Did You Know?” was written in 1984 as part of a script for a church play, with the music added 12 years later, as a series of questions one may ask of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The second new song (“Christmas in Heaven being the first) is Christmas Comin’ Round Again.” Families reconnect for the holiday and renew their spirits in their faith. Scotty says, “That’s just a great story about Christmas time and really just lifting people’s spirits. Times may be tough, but during Christmas, it needs to be a happy time.”

“O Holy Night” and “The Christmas Song” will remind you of leisurely family walks around town to see neighbor’s Christmas lights and decorations, while enjoying hot chocolate.

McCreery’s take on Santa Claus Is Back In Town” is his tribute to Elvis Presley, whom he ‘idolized’ after his grandmother gave him a book on how to be like, well, Elvis. He may have wanted to ‘channel’ the King, little lip curl and all, but it just seemed musically out of place here.

Recording this album was important for him, “As a family, we were all really excited about making a Christmas album. Now we can add my CD to the collection we listen to.” Mine too, Scotty, mine too. You recorded it during the heat wave this past summer, I’m reviewing it as the AC is trying to cool off my home, and I just bet the album will warm up a few Scrooges’ hearts this holiday season. 

“Christmas With Scotty” will hit store shelves on October 16th.

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