Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas With Scotty McCreery at Beacon Theatre, NY 11/23

NJ Ticket Update ‏@NJTicketUpdate
ATTN "American Idol Fans": On sale, 10/12, Christmas with Scotty McCreery at Beacon Theatre, NY, 11/23 http://tinyurl.com/96r8bk4

Tickets go on Sale OCT. 12, NOON
•Beacon Theatre, New York. Christmas with Scotty McCreery, Nov. 23, $30 to $50.



  1. Scotty is one busy man. You lucky people out there! Enjoy him

  2. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I got tickets for the MA concert on 11/12 and now I get to see him at the Beacon!! It is one of my favorite theaters. I am thrilled!!!! To see Scotty there is crazy good. Thanks FOS for making my day. Wow! Just a hunch - lf Scotty is NY, he will probably be doing shows like Kelly, GMA, Letterman,???SNL?? not sure he would do a show like SNL but they did spoof him! Scotty always makes my day and makes me smile!!

  3. It's me again - I am thrilled beyond words!!! I can't believe he is playing The Beacon!!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!! It is such a wonderful place to see a concert. His band must be over the moon!
    If he has TV spots and maybe the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade again, it will be a wonderful early birthday present for me. I am thrilled about The Beacon - beyond words. Way to go Scotty!!

  4. Gabi tweeted HB to my main squeeze this a.m. and a nice pic of the two of them, I think at Brad's show in Raleigh. And tonight he says thanks for a great time to his friends, including her. Either she came home from Charlotte or they went to Charlotte.She is usually quiet about Scotty but was very open, my main squeeze. Maybe they are ready to go public. She also woke him up one morning by phonelast week. Just saying. I hope someone will post the nice pic of them. I do not know how. She looked beautiful and he handsome as ever.

  5. Note to 12:41AM...Gabi goes to UNC-Chapel Hill which is about 35 miles from NCS.
    Glad him and his friends were able to have a great birthday celebration.

  6. meant to say Chapel Hill.