Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brad Paisley, Scotty McCreery, TBP, will perform in New Orleans, LA tonight

Oct 13, 2012
7:30 PM(cst)

Brad Paisley brings the highly acclaimed Virtual Reality World Tour to the New Orleans Arena on October 13. Joining him will be reigning ACM and CMA New Artist of the Year and nominees for the 2012 ACM Vocal Group The Band Perry as well as Scott McCreery.

 The New Orleans Arena has flexible seating configurations with the ability to accommodate in excess of 17,000 attendees.

Seating charts reflect the general layout for the venue at this time. For some events, the layout and specific seat locations may vary without notice.


  1. Love that picture,good night for Scotty I think it was from the best video award,\love it so cute.

  2. I was at the concert last night in Bossier City La. I have good video and pics and will get them uploaded later today. Got to meet Scotty in a brief Meet and Greet. Met Ashley and Mike as well. They were very visible both before and during the concert.

  3. I, also, love that pic of Scotty....he was sooo excited that night! BTW...the currently "REINING" ACM New Artist of the Year (2012) is Mr. Scotty McCreery. The Band Perry won that award in 2011 if I am not mistaken. Just saying!

  4. I can't wait for fan Jeatty to post the videos and pics for the concert, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THINKING ABOUT US MCCREARIANS. God continue to bless Scotty, Gabi and his faimly. Can't wait for my Christmas with Scotty CD to show up in my mailbox. GRANDMA IN TX.

  5. vote scotty last day

  6. I have finally had a little time today and have a couple of the videos of last night's show in Bossier City La. uploaded to YouTube...they are new and I am not sure if they are available as yet. Will insert the http addresses but not sure they will hyperlink, you may have to copy and paste them to the address bar, or find them at my name....jeattyisfos1 (on Utube)

    The concert and meet and greet was simply amazing. It was MUCH MUCH better than the one we saw in Springfield MO in February. Am so glad that I did go to the meet and greet. It was awesome to meet Scotty and Ashley and Mike. Such nice down to earth folks! I told Scotty that many of us here at FOS sure do like Santa Claus is Back In Town, and we can't wait til the CD comes out on Tues. Also met another true McCreerian and we have already exchanged emails and pictures.....Will Post more videos when I have time. Sorry for just snipets on these first two vids, but I enjoyed listening to him talk, and hope you do too.

    1. Sooo great, Donna! Too short of course but soo sweet! Thank you!!! Hopin' for more!!!

    2. Go to fm05m YMTLG Bossier City,La Great job, of course it wouldn't be any other way. love him and who he is. Can't stop listening to him. can't wait for my cd CWSM.

  7. Go to Fm05m Bossier City,la YMTLG Great song he is the best love him


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