Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video of Scotty McCreery singing ILYTB in Tampa, FL

I'm not finding many videos from the Florida performances but when we find them we'll be sure to get them posted! ILYTB - Tampa, FL Credit to: Tanya Harris


  1. People, I have to admit that I would simply not be able to resist Scotty. I´m usually cool and sensible and that´s why I can´t figure out what makes me so weak and makes me think and react differently. I don ´t know- it ´s just something about Scotty´s voice and his being. I surrender. Love Chrissie

  2. I just love Scotty he shows so much emotion in his songs he is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to see him Thursday night in Evansville, Indiana. I will probably just die even though I am old enough to be his mother . He is so much like my own son, my family thinks I'm nuts because i call him my adopted son. Ha!!!My son has always been so caring and loving about people and thats how Scotty is and I don't think he will ever change. Way to go Scotty you are one special person and we are so proud of you and your accomplishments that you are making everyday. Hey loved you singing TROUBLE you absolutely nailed it. They saved the best for last, HUH? ILYTB


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