Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scotty McCreery's live chat with State Farm today

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  1. Great Questions from Scotty from his fans.the whole thing was great.I will watch it again.It would be A great tour with Tim and him.he is truly a elvis fan.Scotty I hope you don't skydive cause it's dangerous.he does have the best band cause all his fans love them too.that's cool that your gonna get to see some of your Idol team mates in october.that' gonna be a party. love you.

  2. I really enjoyed watching this. I felt that I was there in the studio with Scotty. The questions were great and the answers were wonderful. Scotty is so humble and down to earth. I hope the young people watching will take Scotty's advice and be careful drivers. The life they save may be their own.
    Thanks Scotty - you are a wonderful example. ILYTB!!

  3. Scotty does a great interview and, I think, State Farm made a perfect choice in picking Scotty to promote teen safety in learning to drive! I notice that Scotty's hair style is more relaxed (love those curls) and giving his appearance, a more carefree, less reserved look, that I think only compliments his already good looks!

    1. State farm did pick the right choice for to promote teen safety they pick our Scotty and that my dear is the best. He does do a great interview always. I made a mistake up at 7:39pm it should have been great questions to Scotty from his fans.Scotty you being a wonderful example to those teenagers,your gonna safe a whole bunch of kids lives.I know I love those curls too.You are doing the whole world a favor.THANKS!!..Scotty.ILYTB


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