Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scotty McCreery - CMA Video

This is his interview from June 2012 during CMA Week - but thought I'd post it since CMA's Night to Rock airs on Monday!

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Scotty McCreery is interviewed during a press conference at CMA Music Fest 2012. Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry and Luke Bryan will host "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock" airing Monday Sept. 17 (8:00-11:00 PM/ET) on the ABC Television Network. For additional information, visit


  1. Good interview as usual. In some of the videos behind the interview, looks like he's performing ILYTB, WITC and TTWG @CMA FEST. I wish he would do YMTLG and/or Out or summer time or BTT....something that hasn't been heard so much, when he's in front of this Nashville crowd...maybe he does...but guessing the three he did would be about all time he will get...Since many of his fans think he's needing something new, I don't understand why he goes with the older songs that have been heard so much....Wonder who makes the decisions for this?

    1. My choices would be, 'out of summertime', 'back on the ground' and either 'write your number on my hand' or 'that old king james'!

  2. WMNOYH would have worked to. I don't like TOKJ for this concert as it's billed as country's night to rock; I like the song and it was good choice for GOO, but not something billed as this event.

  3. Scotty performed ILYTB,TTWG and WITC last year at CMAfest. I am sure he will not be singing the same songs this year.

  4. Did Scotty have anything today. or is he just "layin' low"? Resting I hope!..

  5. Actually, it was earlier this year that Scotty sang those above-mentioned songs at CMA Music Fest, in early June 2012, and the TV show on Monday night is a television broadcast of that concert event for those of us who weren't there. Don't worry though, next year he should have his sophomore album out and brand new songs to sing at CMA Music Fest. I love all his songs but I am soooooo ready for some new ones. I am so thankful we will have the Christmas album to tie us over!!

  6. these are the songs that he song ILYTB,TTWG,WITC,WTT,TROUBLE ON THE LP FEILD.I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH TONIGHT PERFORMANCES.AND TO SEE THE OTHERS STARS.AND SCOTTY'S. GREAT INTERVIEW. SCOTTY ALWAYS DOES GREAT WITH THOSE.I'M glad to that we will have the Christmas album to tie us over intil his sophomore album comes out.


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