Monday, September 24, 2012 gives a great review of Christmas With Scotty McCreery

September 24, 2012


  1. Great review!! So excited to hear it! We adore Scotty in CT!!!

  2. I am having a hard time waiting for this CD. I love Scotty so much.

  3. More reviews like this one thank you! I know Scotty´s album will impress any listener and make them want to hear it again and again and I expect it to sell like hot dogs. Hurry up october.
    BTW what happened to the last section? Last I looked I didn´t see any fight and now I see all comments removed?

  4. I cant wait. M going to see Scotty on Friday here in Tampa, Florida @his BP concert. I wil be by myslf. I' m not sure if i wl be able to take video ir pictures for that matter bcoz I will be so thrilled to see him up close. The last time I saw him was in 2011 when he was still a young kid.

    1. Lucky you! I know I'd have a hard time taking pictures too, wouldn't want to miss a thing! But if you can get some for us, we'll all be eager to see them! Have fun!!!


  6. That drink sounds awesome and NashvilleGab says! yes Scotty's Christmas Album is that good! And he should go on a world tour with his Christmas Album! Oh! if it were only possible, just know this album is going to brighten a lot of hearts at Christmas! Scotty puts so much feeling into his songs! He's the best country crooner out there!

    1. OMG!! TOTALLY HE IS THE BEST OUT THERE.- I WISH I HAD SOMEBODY THAT WOULD TAKE ME TO SEE HIM BUT I DON'T RIGHT NOW!!- yes I'm going to the store on the day it comes out to get it!!!- I wouldn't miss that in this world.- Cause I Absolutely Love him so much.- that would be great if he did go on A christmas tour, wouldn't it!


  7. The day I went to see Scotty!

    by tweety-bird @ 9/24/2012 12:08:52 PM

    Hey everyone! I went to the Great Frederick Fair in Frederick, Md Sept.21 to see Scotty in concert and I had so much fun!!! When we arrived and walked into the fair we heard this drum beat, so we walked over to a fence and looked through and saw Scotty on stage doing a soundcheck! We stood there and watched him for over an hour! It was amazing! Here are some pictures and a video from the soundcheck! ( We were far away and the camera I used was not the best, so it is blury/fuzzy, but good audio)

    After that we went over by a fence to see if he would come out of his bus and I got this picture

    He did come out of his bus, but he got right into a van and it took him somwhere ( we never did figure out where) We tried to follow it though haha!

    After a few hours it was time for the concert to start! I have some videos and I will be adding some more to youtube today! ( I will post them here when they are ready) Here are the ones I have and some of the pictures that I took.

    After the show was over and it was time for the encore song, we (mysef, my dad & my sister) went to the stage and watched from there. Here are a few pictures from that!

    And here is the BEST part of the day! About an hour after he show we was standing at the fence and Scotty came out and met us and signed our stuff!!! He signed my ticket and a picture that I took with me! :) That was my favorite part of the day! Here's a video and some pictures:) My mom recorded and my dad took the pictures! My mom told him I am one of his biggest fans and he looked
    at me and raised his eyebrows!

    Scotty trying to hand me my sisters ticket!

    Scotty signing my picture!

    Scotty looking at me!!!

    Scotty signing a ticket!

    I had SO Much Fun!!! He is so sweet to do that and he loves and cares for his fans so much! I am glad I had that experience and plan to go to more of his concerts in the future!

    There will be more pictures and videos to come later.

  8. go to fanbuff/scotty fansite you can see the full video and picture of tweety-bird and review post there i cannot copy the picture and video


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